Clarion Project: Changing America to Suit Islam Helps Muslims Integrate

Yes, you read it right friends. What can be expected from an organization that supported Zudhi Jasser all of these years? Honesty? Obviously not. Because this is just as ridiculous as when they stated music will save us from Islamic rule.

Actually hijabing up the American icon known as Barbie creates the illusion that Islam is compatible with America. Funny but I do not see how following a command from the Koran helps America.

Koran 33:59 (Tafsir Ibn Kathir)

Do you?

Name the Enemy or Lose the War ~ Logan’s Warning on The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show

For years I have been saying that we must accurately identify the enemy ideology, or is it just a matter of time until we lose the war. Naming the enemy is exactly what I did on this past Friday morning’s, The Captain’s AMERICA – Third Watch Radio Show. Hosted by veteran Matt Bruce.

Besides that, even though the Koran states that Mohammad is the moral example to follow for all times.

We discussed what kind of man he really was. Why did Team AMERICA take part in this conversation? Because unlike the leftist media they actually care about America. Hat’s off to them!

For those who missed the show the podcast can be listened to by clicking HERE. If you have the time please listen to the entire show. If not I come in hour three, bottom of the hour.

More to come!

Hey Zuhdi, When do you Actually Explain how you Will Reform Islam?

I know friends, because of my past interactions with him he will not respond to me. So instead I will find the answer to my question on his American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) website.

After putting on my Raiders of the Lost Arc gear….

Searching….searching….searching….eureka! I found it!






In case you cannot read it. It says Islamic reform page, section still under construction.

So 14 years after Jasser founded AIFD he still has not explained how he Islam will reform.

Yet he does have that donate button up. lol I told you friends, he is misleading America.

Thursday Morning: Logan’s Warning Live on the Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show! Via AM 860

  1. For years I have been saying in order to win the war with Islam, we must accurately name the enemy ideology. Which is something most of the MSM is just not willing to do. In fact to the detriment of America, they actually cover for the ideology.

So in order to counter their self-destruction message I am truly honored to appear on the Captain’s AMERICA – Third Watch Radio Show. Hosted by the one and only Matt Bruce.

It is with a high degree of honor as a combat wounded Vietnam Veteran, Retired Fire-Rescue Captain, First Responder to the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001, former Owner of a Trucking Company-Freight Agency who hauled for the Military and having a career United States Marine Corps Officer son, that I make every attempt to get the story out from our First Responders & Military serving all of us while they help keep America FREE & SAFE, as a News Reporter & Host of my own Talk Radio Show, “The Captain’s AMERICA – Third Watch.”

Matt is no new comer to the radio industry. He has been spreading the word for 17 years now, and has interviewed some real heavyweights.

As you can see the show starts at 2AM EST, and I will be coming on at approximately 5:05AM. Anything for the cause! To hear the show live here is a list of affiliates.

Topics to include:
1. Islam or Islamism? Which is the best terminology to use?
2. The cultural affects of Muslim immigration.
3. Why Islam will not reform.
4. Why Muslims do not have to be violent to be a threat.

All topics much of the MSM is not willing to touch.

Listen in night owls! If you are not a night owl you can listen to the podcast the next day by clicking HERE. Thank you.

Muslims Show Their True Colors in the Netherlands ~ Video

For years I have been saying that Muslim immigration is cultural suicide. For years I have been saying that Muslims just cannot be trusted. Unfortunately I have been proven right again.

Netherlands `will pay price´ for banning Turkey´s ministers, warns Erdogan

Wait! According to the self-professed historian, Daniel Pipes, I am mistaken. Because apparently he has the magical plan to sort out the “Islamists” from the Muslims.

From Pipes’ Middle East Forum:
The Challenge

By Islamists (as opposed to moderate Muslims), I mean those approximately 10-15 percent of Muslims who seek to apply Islamic law (Shari’a) in its entirety.[1] They want to implement a medieval code that calls (among much else) for restricting women, subjugating non-Muslims, violent jihad, and establishing a caliphate to rule the world.

For many non-Muslims, the rise of Islamism over the past forty years has made Islam synonymous with extremism, turmoil, aggression, and violence. But Islamists—not all Muslims—are the problem; they—not all Muslims—must urgently be excluded from the United States and other Western countries. Not just that, but anti-Islamist Muslims are the key to ending the Islamist surge as they alone can offer a humane and modern alternative to Islamist obscurantism.

OK Daniel….are the ones in the opening image above Islamists or Muslims? I bet if we asked asked them every single one of them would identify themselves as a Muslim. Please do Americans a favor Daniel, and stop $elling them your fantasy. It is slowly killing the country.

Thursday: Information Failure Alert! Logan’s Warning on the Vito and Vito Show

I was very excited when Trump won the election, hoping it would be a turning point in the war with Islam. Which up till then had pretty much been a one sided war. As Islam has been at war with non-Muslims for 1400 years.

Sahih Muslim Hadith Book 019, Number 4366:

It has been narrated by ‘Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) say: I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.

Yet ever since 911 there has been little to no resistance against Islam itself from those who have made the MSM media, and our gov’t has been actually empowering Islam. Bush included.

Back in March of 2016 there was a sign of hope, when Trump stated “I think Islam hates us”. Why? Because the statement was true. Islam does hate the overwhelming majority of America.

Koran 9:30 

Fast forwarding to August of last year and we see that when it comes to Islam, President’s change, but policies do not. He is now playing Islamic roulette with the “good” Muslim, “bad Muslim game”. Which has been Western policy ever since 911. How has that been working out?

Between Trump believing Islam will magically reform and we will have a peaceful coexistence with it, and the media’s reluctance to name the enemy we are in the midst of a major information failure alert. One that will eventually suck the life out of America as we know her.

To find out where Trump is getting such lethal advice from tune into tonight to the one and only Vito and Vito show at 8PM EST. The show can be listened to by clicking HERE.

For now I will give you a hint….he is one of latest media darlings and an advisor to President Trump….