Slave to Allah to Logan’s Warning…..”have patience logan your doom is coming”…


Well, Christmas was pretty peaceful for me, but things have quickly gotten back to normal as another slave to Allah has shown me “the inner peace” that Islam brings to its followers. I have to blame Kuffar New’s Jarrad Winter for introducing me to my new “friend”! lol




 Ibrahim Abdullah



Ibrahim Abdullah

Surah 61:4 Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure,


1mIbrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning Alhamdullilah i am the slave of Allah swt unlike you scum slave of democracy disgusting

2mIbrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning nah not me the wrath of almighty Allah is coming for you just be patient

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4mIbrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning my words are enough for cowards like you i dont need to go and call for backup and start retweeting your disgusting tweets

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6mIbrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning yeah dont worry logan we will re establish shariah and the caliphate and NOTHING can stop the beleivers by the will of ALLAH

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7mIbrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning have patience logan your doom is coming

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8mIbrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning @JarradWinter you people are disgusting scum of the earth that need to be cleansed

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9mIbrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning Talk all you want logan your the COWARD no matter what you say or do my faith will never change

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9hIbrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning point out the lies what u on about u scum its clear jarrads a lil girl for bringing u into this

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9hIbrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning you scum back in those times a 6 yr old girl was more manly then you

My main response to the usual threats….

Christopher Logan ‏@LogansWarning

@IbrahimIbnAdnan can I please have a date on that? I have some things I would like to do first. Thanks!

Ibrahim AbdullahIbrahim Abdullah ‏@IbrahimIbnAdnan

@LogansWarning I do not wish to speak with you anymore let us wait until the day of reckoning and we shall see ay who is right who is wrong


It is amazing that someone can be so angry, but they cannot even defend their position via debate.

  • cecilie

    Ha ha. Yes, amazing isn’t it? They are normally known for their superior debating skills.


      “It was a tree which made whoever ate from it defecate. But there must be no faeces in Paradise.” Tabari I:279

  • Tonto

    Doncha just love these supercilious and sanctimonious islamic slaves? They just amuse the dickens out of me. What ever happened to the erudite islamic pukes like Aardvark or Adnak or whatever his name was?

    • Susan

      Right! Whatever did we do without them to entertain us? They provide the best laughs I’ve ever had!

  • http://ahlusSunnahWalJamuah jibrael Isa Bilal

    fear Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’Ala

    • Charlie

      Fear allah? Why? I have no fear of your god only his “slaves”. Your god clearly cannot achieve anything. Look at muslims – they are the most backward people who live in utter slums (even their ghettos in Europe have turned into slums).

    • Tommy Hunt

      I piss on your Allah.

  • Bee

    Sounds like a death threat to me and this idiot should be reported, jailed and then deported. Its the only way to deal with these vile scum. We don’t want these people in the West and we have to do EVERYTHING we can to put a stop to them.

  • http://ahlusSunnahWalJamuah jibrael Isa Bilal

    The brother has better things to do then waste his time on death dumb and Blind Imbeciles like you!

    You sick twisted People talk such filth against dear Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) and one of our dear mothers Aisha (may Allah be Pleased with her) yet do you ever stop to think about what how your “nation” was made? Here’s a hint.. rthe rape, Enslavement and slaughtering of innocent beings and much more…

    Enjoy your “Freedom” while it last you ungrateful scum! Surely Power is only for Allah! Allahu Akbar! :)

    • admin

      Yes, the actions of Mohammad that I speak of are filthy and savage like. I never said America was perfect, but at least I can admit that. Can you bring yourself to condemn Mohammad?> Of course not. Just another mind enslaved by a cult of hate.

    • admin

      You standing up for him and his vile comments, says it all. Thanks!

    • Tommy Hunt

      Muhammad can suck the street crud off the soles of my shoes. Just kidding… that would dirty my shoes.

    • Susan

      The Pervert mohammed was a liar, looter, slave trader, mass murderer, rapist and pedophile. Aisha, whom you call “mother” could never be a mother because that horny bastard mohammed raped her when he was 53 years old and she was 9, destroying her internal organs in his lust for his own pleasure.

      The moon god, allah, promises eternal drunken sex orgies with children in Heaven in exchange for the murder of innocent people. A male who trades in sex with others is called a “pimp”. ALLAH IS A PIMP.

      The above information is proof to anyone with even half a brain that islam is SATANISM. It espouses the same things as Satanism – sex orgies, blood, sacrifice, rape, pedophilia, rape, oppression, murder of innocent people and so on. Only an idiot would decide to be so blind as to not see this.

    • Robin Shadowes

      Yes, I truly believe you are brothers and sisters. That’s what inbreeding do to you all aside from severe mental disabilities.

  • http://ahlusSunnahWalJamuah jibrael Isa Bilal

    Standing up for the truth, fearing none but Allah! There is nothing to condemn. Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon him was the best of Men), whatever you people say means nothing.. By Allah the Caliphate will come, By Allah you will be served the punishment you deserve (If you do not repent)

    all the signs that have passed already.. has already proven Islam is the truth, keep fighting your creator mate if you want.. keep denying whatever etc… Just understand your only destroying YOUR after life!

    of course America is not perfect only Allah is. Also savage like huh? explain what your filthy “Soilders” are doing to our brothers and sisters in prison’s such as al ghraib!? please..

    • admin


      I condemn ANYONE who rapes. Mohammad and his men raped pows. You say nothing, because you are a slave. Pathetic.

    • admin

      I will not “repent”. Are you going to pull a Mohammad and behead me? Just how far will you go for Allah?

    • eib

      I do not take seriously the curses of those who have profaned God by claiming a demon’s revelation.
      Islam is profane.
      Mohammed is a false prophet.
      You have profaned the worship of Jews and Christians.
      You are an insult to humanity, and to your creator, a reproach to everything good.
      By God, you will be served the punishment you deserve.

      • http://yahoo doris

        Very well said,eib.


    • Reverand Dan

      jibrael Isa Bilal – It is getting old listening to the cowardly followers of the EVIL CULT of islam spew their lies, hate,and threats. I can’t help but wonder if allah were God, which he isn’t, why when these cowards commit their EVIL acts they cover their face. It seems they would be proud of what they do. I can’t help but wonder why its the old men who hide in the mosques and incite young brainwashed fools to commit the EVIL acts.

      islam is just a sick EVIL CULT that cowards use to exploit women, children, and those who can’t or won’t defend themselves.

    • Tommy Hunt

      Your prophet, his invented god Allah and that stinking book you call the Koran is nothing more than a system that promotes hate. May it find the bottomless Hell it so richly deserves.

    • Susan

      Allah is perfect? Allah is the perfect MONSTER.

      • emmi

        If Allah is so perfect he must be very able. Why then does he need armies of screaming, bloodthirsty Muslims to carry out his work against harmless innocent, men, women, children and animals?

        • eib

          Only demons need human agents to carry out their work.
          God became human himself in Jesus Christ. He does not deceive, charm, or compel anyone because he is all-powerful.
          The Muslim Allah demands that Muslims kill for him. What could define a demon more completely?

  • http://ahlusSunnahWalJamuah jibrael Isa Bilal

    If you understand Shariah than you would know my answer and its not as simple as cut his head off lols,

    if that is the case.. then you should condemn your own soldiers mate!

    • Charlie

      We understand sharia. It is barbaric and from the devil alone. Islam has contributed absolutely nothing to the world except murder, rape, pillage, death, hate, lies, and everything evil.

    • admin

      I do understand “slander” and “spreading mischief” under Sharia.

      Islamobot….I said I condemn all who rape, and if a US Soldier does it I condemn them as well. Meanwhile you are too much of moral coward to condemn Mohammad for it. Pathetic.

    • emmi

      We should condemn our own soldiers? If Muslim men were not so cowardly they would stay in their own countries and fight the Taliban. Instead they fled to the West and then tried to turn the West into cruel sharia dominated states.
      I don’t recall any Muslim begging Western soldiers to keep out of their countries when the Taliban descended with heavy artillery and started butchering the people and chopping the fingers off women. No, the healthy young Muslim males were strong enough to flee, the rest screamed out for help and got it.
      I’d prefer our soldiers to come home and prepare to defend us. We are going to need it when the numbers of Muslims in our countries are high enough.

  • http://ahlusSunnahWalJamuah jibrael Isa Bilal

    Alrighty I have no time for clueless people alike yourselves

    if your so against us Beleievers.. Then why do you enjoy what we have made for you’s?

    Yes, lets imagine a world WITHOUT MUSLIMS, shall we?

    Without Muslims you wouldn’t have:

    Experimental Physics
    Crank-shaft, internal combustion engine, valves, pistons
    Combination locks
    Architectural innovation (pointed arch -European Gothic cathedrals adopted this technique as it made the building much stronger, rose windows, dome buildings, round towers, etc.)
    Surgical instruments
    Treatment of Cowpox
    Fountain pen
    Numbering system
    Modern Cryptology
    3 course meal (soup, meat/fish, fruit/nuts)
    Crystal glasses
    Gardens used for beauty and meditation instead of for herbs and kitchen.
    Mariner’s Compass
    Soft drinks
    Plastic surgery
    Manufacturing of paper and cloth
    It was a Muslim who realized that light ENTERS our eyes, unlike the Greeks who thought we EMITTED rays, and so invented a camera from this discovery.

    It was a Muslim who first tried to FLY in 852, even though it is the Wright Brothers who have taken the credit.

    It was a Muslim by the name of Jabir ibn Hayyan who was known as the founder of modern Chemistry. He transformed alchemy into chemistry. He invented: distillation, purification, oxidation, evaporation, and filtration. He also discovered sulfuric and nitric acid.

    It is a Muslim, by the name of Al-Jazari who is known as the father of robotics.

    It was a Muslim who was the architect for Henry V’s castle.

    It was a Muslim who invented hollow needles to suck cataracts from eyes, a technique still used today.

    It was a Muslim who actually discovered inoculation, not Jenner and Pasteur to treat cowpox. The West just brought it over from Turkey

    It was Muslims who contributed much to mathematics like Algebra and Trigonometry, which was imported over to Europe 300 years later to Fibonnaci and the rest.

    It was Muslims who discovered that the Earth was round 500 years before Galileo did.

    The list goes on………..

    Just imagine a world without Muslims. Now I think you probably meant, JUST IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT TERRORISTS. And then I would agree, the world would definitely be a better place without those pieces of filth. But to hold a whole group responsible for the actions of a few is ignorant and racist. No one would ever expect Christians or White people to be held responsible for the acts of Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bombing) or Andreas Brevik (Norway killing), or the gun man that shot Congresswoman Giffords in head, wounded 12 and killed 6 people, and rightly so because they had nothing to do with those incidents! Just like the rest of the 1.5 billion Muslims have nothing to do with this incident!


    • Tommy Hunt

      Sorry but I have no more time for tiny pin-headed people like you.

    • admin

      Islam condones terrorism (Koran verse 8:60, Ali), and Mohammad himself said he was made victorious by terror. (Sahih Bukhari 4:52.220 Hadith).

      So you other comparisons are invalid. You already showed your true hate-filled colors when you went to bat for the wanna-be Mohammad and his vile remarks. Do you really think I would have forgotten that? Christians are being persecuted across the Islamic world, so there goes your “few” claim, and I do not owe you or any other Muslim a thing. Enjoy the backlash!

    • Charlie

      Since when did islam do this? Human beings did it not islam if anything. BTW Persian carpets are just that PERSIAN i.e. created before muslims stole that country. The rest of it is utter bullshit. Why do you all believe such lies to cling to a shred of belief?? The world would be a better place without islam and that is for sure.

      • Charlie

        Just to add to that even the quran is a mixture of stolen scriptures from Christianity and Jewish faith mixed with Satanic teachings.

    • admin

      What race is Islam?

      • eib

        I am quite disgusted that no Muslim reader has answered this question!

    • Susan

      The list you have posted is a list of all the things muslims have STOLEN from others and claimed as their own.

      The only thing on your list that muslims did actually make is SOAP.

      Too bad they didn’t also learn to USE IT.

    • eib

      It was a Muslim who first tried to FLY in 852, even though it is the Wright Brothers who have taken the credit.

      There is a world of difference between trying to fly and actually succeeding.

    • Robin Shadowes

      Those pathetic taqyyia lies has been debunked numerous times. The only invention ever from your part of the world is pislam itself. And we do fine without that shiite,

    • emmi

      Quote ‘Let’s imagine a world without Muslims’. I do this occasionally.

  • Charlie

    Mostly I rolled my eyes again until I read “I do not wish to speak with you anymore let us wait until the day of reckoning and we shall see ay who is right who is wrong” when I nearly killed myself laughing. That seems to be their default setting when they really have no defence at all!!!

    • admin


      • Robin Shadowes

        Or mobots for short. ;)

  • Tommy Hunt

    Hey this muzzie thug Abdullah has disappeared right off Twitter. Running scared…

  • Martel Sobieskey

    Loganswarning is patriot of courage and wisdom who challenges directly the Islamic ivnaders — while nearly everyone else lays supine. Please see my article below in support of Loganswarning

    • admin

      Thank you sir!

    • Tommy Hunt

      Tweeted and reposted numerous times. Good stuff.

  • http://ahlusSunnahWalJamuah jibrael Isa Bilal

    this world is temporary, Allah (God) has given us the path to follow, Islam isn’t for everyone so in the end this is how It is “I will not worship what you worship(Democracy), Nor will you worship what I worship (Monotheism).. To you be your way and Me Mine!

    The best of us are those are those whom live for reason. “As Humans we were given free will (How amazing is that!)

    Now.. A human whom lives for reason he is better then an angel!

    A human whom lives for his desires is worst then an animal!

    why? Free will! an angel was created with reason and no desire

    An animal was created with desire and no reason.

    Such blessings Allah has given us Humans!

    May Allah guide you’s towards living for reason and not purely for your desires!


    • Susan

      Everything The Pervert Mohammed did was based on his desires, his pleasure, his needs and his lust. He was a marauding monster. He hated women and taught other men to hate them.

      Western women will not tolerate islamic nonsense. Suffragettes fought for our emancipation from male dominance. Do you REALLY think we’d ever submit to it again??? We’d “deal” with every last man who tried to lay that crap on us again. Muslim women are brainless cattle. They make all women look bad. But women in the Western world share equality with our men. Just try to take that away. I DARE YOU.

    • emmi

      You’ve given me a good laugh anyway. Muslims invented all those items you list? Take one example, cameras. Muslims are not allowed to even use a camera or draw or paint pictures as they must not try to duplicate anything Allah has created.
      Btw coffee and cocoa were produced in Brazil long before Islam sprang up. Why don’t you and your pals get off your backsides and try and produce something useful instead of venom?

    • admin

      Mohammad was all about HIS desires.

      You make little sense.

    • eib

      The keynote of Islam is not reason.
      It is not desire.
      It is not knowledge.
      It is not human law.
      It is not civilization.
      It is not freedom.
      It is not equality.
      It is not love.
      The keynote of Islam is submission.
      On the basis of this, you have no will of your own.
      You are truly a slave.
      All knowledge a person may acquire is an insult to your demon.

    • Robin Shadowes

      I spell it out for you, arselifter. It’s our way or the highway (to Hell)!!

      “Humans we were given free will (How amazing is that!)”

      What have you chosen to do with it? To freely give it away to become slaves to a demon from the pits of Hell!

      “A human whom lives for his desires is worst then an animal!”

      Spoken from a koranderthal who cannot even handle to watch a woman without having her wrapped up in a tent!

      “An animal was created with desire and no reason.”

      Funny you happen to mention that. It was just a few months ago, maybe during the summer when a video of a crow in Russia was sliding down some roof using some item as a snowboard. Then flying up again and going down again several times. I’ve seen an octopus unscrew a glass-can to reach the crab inside. We have seen cats and dogs crossing hundreds of miles to find their human families. Many of them seem to have more intelligence and emotions than dumb koranderthals like you. Contrary to what the unholy koranus are teaching you, animals do have a soul. Koranderthals are probably the only exception from that rule. The demon allah has chosen to fill his empty vessels with legions of demons instead.

    • desertscout

      In the end; the evil, impotent, and pagan principality Muslims refer to as allah will bow before Adonai Tzva’ot and be judged for his unrighteousness, decadence, and total depravity. Like Molech; the imp demon allah delights in the blood of his followers; allah delights in the blood of any human for that matter. Islam has been raised in these last days to be the prime purveyors of evil, urged on by their blood thirsty pagan deity. In the end, Islam will reap the whirlwind, and allah will be engorged with the blood of innocents as well as his followers.

      Zechariah 14
      12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the peoples that have warred against Jerusalem: their flesh shall rot away while they stand upon their feet and their eyes shall corrode away in their sockets and their tongue shall decay away in their mouth.

      Hear O Muslim what is in store for those that come against Jerusalem.

      Am Yisrael Chai

  • jaeger

    Islam is a satanic ideology bent on world domination via the sword, hiding behind the cloak of religiosity. It is Antichrist. The end of the book reveals the Victor of the final battle.Revelation:Chapter 19:11-21, Revelation:Chapter 20:1-15

  • eib

    It was Muslims who discovered that the Earth was round 500 years before Galileo did.

    The Hellenic and Hellenistic Greeks, 1st millennium BC, knew that the earth was round.
    Nice try.

    • Reverand Dan

      The unholy qu’ran says the earth is flat

  • emmi

    Jibrael Isa Bilal. For your information, the Ethiopians found wild coffee trees and by accident discovered that the beans gave them energy. The Christians and Jews in Ethiopia used the beans and then the Muslims moved in, stole their knowledge and took coffee to Arabia. They claimed that they had discovered coffee, but they do this in every country they pounce on, claim to invent items that were really discovered by their victims, some of whom were enslaved. Kenya suffered the same fate.
    I suppose Muslims invented flying saucers and flew coffee bean trees to Brazil, Mexico, Columbo etc. These trees are found in the wild at the foot of mountains. I suppose Muslims put the mountains in place, too, ready for the miraculous planting of coffee bean trees.

    • eib

      Kefir, a dairy product made several thousand years ago in the Caucasus, is another example.
      The inhabitants there had been making it, and when the Arabs and Muslims conquered them, they claimed that Muslims had brought “magic Kefir grains” to the region and instructed the benighted non-Muslims in how to make the drink.
      Kefir is a great substitute for buttermilk.

      • admin

        Of course he does not respond.

      • Charlie

        All they read is islamic propaganda not actual history and facts. They wouldn’t be muslim if they actually followed the doubts they have about it.

  • Infidel Task Force

    Help! Every so often I check my blog roll to see if there are sites that have changed, I noticed that Mad About Mahound is no longer active. I ask, because the owner was a frequent visitor here, though I can’t remember his name.

    Any idea why the site went down?

    • admin


      That was Gary. But I have no idea what happened to him.


      • Infidel Task Force

        Oh yeah….Gary Rumain. Thats the guy.
        Thanks Chris.

        • admin

          You are welcome.

  • Infidel Task Force

    thanks…I’ll check it out

  • Jack

    i’ll send you some Silver bullet gun oil

    we gave a bottle ( empty almost) to shiek fez , he left the country the next day , now i am banned from posting the gun oil anywhere in Australia unless i have in writing tyhat the person requested it ( so i dont send none to no more mussies)

    send it to your friend , 13% USDA prime pig fat by volume and the best gun oil on the planet

  • emmi

    I agree with you, Robin, that animals do have souls.
    Btw Cardinal Newman said ‘Animals mean us no harm and have no means of defending themselves, why torture them?’
    Muslims, with their backward way of life, are happy to torture animals in deference to a violent god to produce halal meat. No wonder they are all so miserable. Karma?
    Typical of bullies, Muslims inflict suffering on those who show superior behaviour, those who are kindlier, friendlier and more popular than themselves and I include animals.

  • Freda M.

    Here’s an appropriate response:

    أنت كلب كومة من برعشيت|en|أنت كلب كومة من%EF%BB%BF