Sharia vs anti-Sharia Chaos on the Streets of London~ Video

Islam, the great divider has struck again. I don’t understand why more people did not see this coming? To me and many others it was obvious to see that as Muslim immigration continued, the push for Sharia Law would get stronger. Muslims in the UK were foolishly allowed to have their own Sharia Courts, and now they want more power. They want Sharia introduced into the UK for all. If this movement is not put to rest, the day is coming where Muslims in the UK will feel that they have enough power, and they will start forcing non-Muslims to use their courts. Personally I see a civil war coming to the UK.

  • Gary Rumain

    The Poms were stupid to allow sharia courts. Now they’re mired in it.

  • PatriotUSA

    This is what happens when you let mussies
    have their way by caving in to their bad
    behavior and violence to get it. What a
    mistake to have let them in the country
    in the first place. The USA may not be
    very far behind England in allowing this
    filth and garbage to used as ‘law’ in the
    land. The Founding Fathers are rolling
    in their collective graves. Ban Islam,
    sharia and all muslim immigration now.

  • Durotrigan

    There was evidently a very complicated situation in London yesterday. There was also a large anti-EDL rally/march in Tower Hamlets where the UAF, trade unionists and assorted leftist idiots displayed their dhimmitude before a large Muslim crowd (see footage here spouting their usual venom about criticism of Islam being “far-right”, “racist”, Nazi, etc (

    Things are hotting up here in the UK, as the Islamists are beginning to flex their muscles on the streets, but unfortunately our mainstream political leaders (the Prime Minister included who has said that British society should integrate more with the Muslim way of life than vice-versa) take extra pains to suck-up to Islam. We ordinary Brits are fed up of being stigmatised as so-called far-right racists whenever we criticise Islam, but I fear that the Government may use growing discontent as an excuse to further limit our civil liberties, as they are unwilling to recognise let alone tackle the problem of Islamisation.

    France has also witnessed an interesting week, with the sausage and wine protest organised by Sylvie François. What with Geert Wilders’s recent strong showing at the polls, the minaret ban in Switzerland and burka bans in Belgium and Barcelona, perhaps the peoples of Europe (if not their mainstream politicians) are beginning to awaken to the real menace of Islamisation?

  • Jeff

    The video differentiates between “radical” Muslims and “moderate” Muslims. But ex-Muslims who grew up in the Middle East say that there is no such distinction over there, and that those terms are merely Western inventions.

    Do we distinguish between “radical” Christians and “moderate” Christians?

    Certainly, there are those who claim to be Christians but who do not believe in the divine authority of the Bible. In fact, many are “Christian” in name only, sometimes merely by default, only because they do not consider themselves ‘Buddhist,’ ‘Hindu,’ etc. For example, they never go to church, except maybe once or twice a year. And many of them never read the Bible.

    We sometimes refer to “deeply committed” Christians, and they are the ones who take the Bible and their faith seriously.

    There are also Catholics, for example, who consider the Pope only to be a mere man, and who do not really take their religion all that seriously. They may not pray the rosary or even go to confession very often, if at all, and they may only go to Mass once or twice a year.

    I think that there are Muslims who must be basically the same way. I think there are some who are “deeply committed” Muslims, who take the Qur’an and Hadith very seriously.

    I have a Facebook Friend who I consider to be the most “moderate” Muslim I have ever talked to online. I have been conversing with him online for months now. Just a few days ago, I asked him, “So, do you believe that Shari’a law is the law of God?” I assumed he would be against Shari’a law. His answer surprised me. He replied, “Yes I do, Shari’a law is the last law of God, Jeff!”

    • admin

      There you go Jeff, that is the question of the day. Some Muslims might be against violence, but if they are pro-Sharia, they our an enemy. Law abiding Muslims like him, are more dangerous than potential suicide bombers.

      • infidelkaffir

        The only radical muslim is an apostate who has left the religion, and there are very few brave enough to do that.

        That leaves all the rest, who are not radical but mainstream. They all hate freedom, democracy and liberated thinking. They espouse ‘submission’ to allah.

        They are the islamobots who are the foot-soldiers of the ‘evil empire’ with whom we are destined to clash.

        Either we will prevail or they will, but in the end reason or unreason will win the day and the other will be vanquished for a very long time to come.

        • admin

          You obviously get it, it will be Sharia or our way of life. People need to get off of the fence, and take a side.

          Thanks for dropping by!

        • CW Orange

          There is a big difference in Europe and the US. We are armed pretty much to the teeth, and should it get that far, an armed revolt will be the result. A shortage of trees to hang miscreants on won’t be a problem either, as government has kindly overtaxed us to build lamp posts..

          • admin

            The problem is the way the political aspect of Islam is advancing, by using our freedoms against us. The way things are going, they are going to takeover the West without firing another shot.

          • loseyateefa

            i’m with CL on this one too. We have no more hope stopping the creeping sharia concessions our politicians are allowing than we did to stop the health care bill or out of control spending. But for now we are well armed and unarming us is another progressive goal of Obama and his ilk; they know that a well armed citizenry is their toehold to complete domination. i won’t surrenender mine.

      • Robin Shadowes

        I don’t differ between moderates and radicals either. I consider them both the enemy. The only one I would trust is someone from that culture that is now an ex-muslim and has been for years. I would never in my life trust anyone who is still practicing arselifting. They will stab you in the back sooner or later no matter how much smooth talking they’re doing.

        • KF

          Yep, just like Obama will – sooner or later he’s going to destroy this country right from the inside!

  • raymond942

    there is no such thing as “moderate” and “radical” muslims.
    “when the koran says “kill the unbeliever whenever you find them…” and “do not be friends with Jews & Christians, they are friends only with themselves.. ” ,
    and bearing in mind muslims can lie/decieve non-muslims (filthy KUFFARS) to gain control, can u believe “moderate” muslims. Are they lying to creep sharia (as they already have in UK in some courts)? Wake up West, the deception and the womb (population) bomb [as Gadaffi approves] has already started the takeover of Europe!

    • admin

      Welcome to the site Raymond!

      Bush’s plan that “moderate” Muslims are coming to the rescue is a failure, and that is not the troops fault at all. They did not make the plan.

    • proud non-muslim

      A war between non-muslims and muslims is inevitable. Personally, I can not wait for this day to come.

  • Carolyn

    And who was arrested? The patriots.

    • Gary Rumain

      Just as in Europe. You should know by now where this is heading.

  • bpaolucci

    This is what happens to nations that submit to the demand to import as citizens, Muslims who have their own agenda, in order to get Arab oil.

    Now every nation faces the same problem and the only way out of this is to declare Islam itself a terrorists organization and ban all participants, thus deporting all of them.

    • admin

      Welcome to the site!

  • refuse2lose

    See what happens when you give these people an inch?? They take an entire football field and demand YOU change YOUR laws in order to PLEASE THEM. They are doing the same crap in the USA and all I hear from the liberal patsies is….all they want is to live in peace…they wish you no harm…..Is that why they are demanding SHARIA LAW???

  • aerialcat

    All this brings to mind a modern Lebanese proverb about allowing the camel’s nose into the tent… the camel will never be satisfied until the whole beast is in, leaving no room for you.

    • Gary Rumain

      Don’t their camels enter arse first? ;-)

      • aerialcat

        I believe they only do that when arselifters are feeling frisky, allows better access to said camel.

        • Gary Rumain

          I believe this really gets them all excited!

          • aerialcat

            Kind of a family likeness there mate.

  • Morgan

    ‘Long live slavery!’

    What a backward mentality!

    • Gary Rumain

      If you understand all the implications of what arselifters associate with slavery, you’ll understand why they are so obsessed with it.

      Mahound, in the koran, gave them free reign to have unlimited sex with what their right hand possesses.

  • Johnny

    Political Correctness and tolerance is the HORSE.
    Muslims are the TROJANS !

  • Carmen

    Is impossible to live in peace with muslims. Im from Romania, here muslims enjoy rights and freedom that christians never had in islamic countries and how you think they thank us? well , by asking us to accept islam as a true religion . Yep…this happend few days ago at a tv show, one muslim man after he said the Bible is fake and Jesus is not the son of God, he told us that quran is the only true , holy book and we should stop reading the Bible and start converting to islam.
    What would happen if a christian claim that mohammed was not a prophet ?

  • Busy

    OMG wake up world.

  • loseyateefa

    I’ve been handing out “business cards” with pertinent anti-Islam websites, STOP ISLAMIZATION OF AMERICA, KNOW SHARIA, NO SHARIA. they were self designed and dirt cheap from vistaprint. i also just ordered 2 big car door magnets for $25. we need to get the word out to the mainstream. we’re preaching to the choir when we comment here. (which keeps my morale up! thanx CL) I do get some strange looks. i went to Lowes and bought up several hundred dollars of “survival” type gear and supplies. The cashier questioned my project intentions and i told her “survival.” she gasped like i had 3 heads. most Americans are either stupid or simply uninformed. I keep posting this stuff constantly on facebook. has some of the best ideas for DOING something against Islam while we still can. It helps my sanity.

  • Fran Ingram

    I had the following comment from a belgian in Montreal left on my facebook page today. I agree with his attack on politicians, but politicians please the people, so we are all to blame:

    In Paris, muslims regularly block illegally several streets in the center (Barbès) for their prayers, although the neighbouring mosks are empty, and the authorities look the other way. The mayor of Paris (the socialist Bertrand Delanoë) has earmarked some 800.000usd to subsidize the building of a grand mosk.

    Public money of a lay country to subsidize a totalitarian (fascist?) religion ? The French socialists also just proposed to give lessons of Arab language in all state schools. That’s really not helping these people to assimilate, quite the contrary. By the way, for a job in France you need French, no ? Where would you go with Arabic ?

    Politicians are mostly there for the money and are very attached to their seats. They don’t like to rock the boat, so some are ready to compromise on nearly everything, while calling it “appeasement policy” or “multicultural openness”, fancy words for the acts of a traitor.

    I may be harsh, but Europe is already invaded, it came very insiduously, but slowly (slice by slice, I can tell you all about it!) invested several layers of the society. I truly hope that the USA still can stop world’s worst relgion in its tracks.

    “An appeaser, is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”
    Winston Churchill”

    • Gary Rumain

      I read a report a few days ago of a Turkish bint in Germany who couldn’t speak German. Her husband divorced her and, as she couldn’t speak German and thus get a job to support herself, the state is paying to support her.

      Not sure why her former husband isn’t paying alimony (apart from the fact that its against sharia and pislam). But you can see where the arabpig lessons will lead. Lots of arselifters in France with no job prospects.

    • Robin Shadowes

      Fat chance I’ll ever learn arabpig even if the government makes it mandatory.

    • Grunthor

      “I truly hope that the USA still can stop world’s worst relgion in its tracks.”

      Right. “Barak HUSSEIN Obama” is going to get right on that. Not.

      • admin

        Obviously we cannot rely on this administration. So it is up to us, to make a difference.

        Welcome to the site!

  • CKG

    America is allowing Muslims to build a damn mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero (the fallen World Trade Center Towers) ! and they want to open it on 9/11/11 ! A monument to terror ! Wake up world- muslims are under directive to take over world for Allah and they are demonically ispired and will stop at nothing.