British Convert Calls for Muslims to Join the Jihad~ Video!

In this video we see another British traitor, who is calling for all Muslims to assist the jihad in anyway that they can. Whether it is donating money, fighting, or spreading Islam, it is all part of the worldwide jihad. He also states that Islam calls for Muslims to fight and kill Jews to reach judgement day, and that Americans and Jews are much worse terrorists, than Muslims could ever be. Of course Abdul Raheem Green is not dealing in reality, and this is another example of how Islam destroys societies from within.  Below the video, are some comments left by a “peace-loving” Muslim on the YouTube page.

i wont reply again talking to a jew is losing time. We muslims dont care that you idiots or the whole world doesnt like us, in the Noble quran nowhere it says non-muslims will love us. They will never cease fighting and hating us.

You may keep your insults and satanic man made systems to yourself, we dont need anything. Non-muslims need islam to free them from Tyranny of men lords.
Jews however are the most hatefull towards islam, and only very few will accept islam

You jews might watch and calculate all your steps with your terror from death and calculate all your evil acts, but the promise of your Lord is sure to come and all jews will burn in eternity in hellfire and the muslims will laugh at them the day of jugement.
So choose what you want the goods of this short life or the eternal paradise.

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