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Obama to the World: The US will Build no More Nukes

Recently Obama had blocked a shipment of bunker-busters that was slated for Israel, and in the meantime the murdering Mullahs of Iran are on their way to obtaining nuclear warheads. Now our America hating Dictator is pledging not to develop any new nuclear weapon systems. I know that Obama wants to destroy America as we know it, but what is even more disturbing is that many of his followers actually believe that other countries will not see this as a sign of weakness, and look to build up their military might to challenge us. They are just do not deal in reality.

US “bunker-busters” Being Shipped, Is Iran the Last Stop?

It is obvious that the Mullahs of Iran are not going to stop advancing their nuclear program until they have nuclear missiles. The question is, does the non-Islamic world have the guts to stop them? According to this article that day is coming, and I say the sooner the better. Mullahs and nukes=a nightmare for the world.