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Religion of Slavery Expanding in Harlem NY

Hello everyone! I just came across the website of the Harlem Center of Al Islam. Their motto is “Creating an Islamic Renaissance in Harlem”. Did the black members of this Mosque actually think this through? If they are going to create a rebirth of Islam, some of them are going to have to allow themselves to be enslaved. Because Islam allows slavery and Mohammad was a black slave owner.

Atlanta Mosque Promoting Sharia

As I do my research on Mosques in America, I have noticed that one very important thing is missing. I have not found even one that has spoken out against Sharia Law. But I do continually find US Mosques that are promoting it. Masjid Al-Quran is the latest find, and they are located at located at 500 McDonough Blvd Atlanta, GA 30315. They can be contacted at 404.256.5913 or info@masjidalquranatlanta.org. Sharia is what the enemy wants, so how are we supposed to win a war by letting it advance here in America? Bush was uniformed on Islam, and Obama is pro-Islamic. Him and his crew are purposely destroying America as we know it. Obviously we need new leaders.

Birmingham Islamic Society: We Teach and Govern our Mosque by Sharia

Yesterday I posted about the Sharia “college” that is set to open in California, now today we go back to Sharia Mosques in America. The Birmingham Islamic Society located at 2524 Hackberry Lane Hoover, AL 35226 is not only teaching Sharia law, they are admittedly governing their Mosque by it. (For those new to the subject, Muslims believe Sharia (Islamic Law) is for all. Which means they want Sharia to govern more than the Mosque, much more.)

Coming Soon?: First Mosque in Clarington, Ontario

Most of us have seen the on going battles across America, in regards to the endless Mosque construction movement that Muslims are on. The same problem is happening across Europe, and our friends in Canada are under Islamic assault as well. I say “coming soon?”, because the closing date for this proposed Mosque is in two days. Hopefully they will not be able to come up with all of the money, needed to make the deal

What would Jesus Do? and What Would Muhammad Do?

As I search the Internet for articles about Islam, I also read some of the comment sections. Of course there are always people leaving comments, in an attempt to get us to back off. One that I frequently see is “What would Jesus do”. This is nothing more than an attempt to try to get us to turn the other cheek, and ignore the threat of Islam. Please do not fall for it. The other day a wrote to my friend Church Elder Louis Palme, who pulls no punches when it comes to Islam. Here is his response.

Muslims to put Mohammad on the Moon

Just about everywhere we look, Muslims are trying to put a symbol of Islam there. They are clearly trying to takeover countries like America, India, and the UK, etc. Now Muslims are planning on making their mark on the moon, by honoring their lying, rapist, terrorist, so called prophet Mohammad. What is next, a moon Mosque?