Muslims say F.B.I. Tactics sow Anger and Fear

Although there is clearly an uptick in Islamic terrorist plots here in America, the American Islamic community is actively fighting against our authorities that are trying to stop these plots before they occur. Is this what Muslims consider as being part of the team, or do they only care about advancing Islam?

UK: Jesus4Sharia Debate Postponed

Islam4UK an organization that is promoting a Jesus4Sharia debate with Christian and Jewish leaders, has postponed the event. The reason is that they have not even received a response from Church “leaders”. Past Popes fought Islam head on, but today the Church sits around and watches as Islam slowly devours Western civilization. Grow a spine already!

Va. Muslims Push the Religion of Peace Falsehood

Just yesterday I posted about Muslims trying to shove Islam down the throats of non-Muslims in Mich., Hou., Chi., and from a toll free nationwide phone number. Today we can add Muslims in Va. to the list of those that are clearly lying about Islam in order to push the Islam is a religion peace falsehood on uninformed Americans.