Logan’s Warning Q & A W/US Muslim Candidate Mahfuzul Islam

On a recent tip from a Logan’s Warning reader I was alerted to the aggressive campaign for New York State Assembly (24th District, Queens NY) by Muslim candidate Mahfuzul Islam.

Not only are his signs up in store windows, his team is also placing cards on the doorknobs of the local residents.

This one I happened to find in the street. That is why it is all banged up.

Since our mainstream media covers for the threat of Islam, I took upon myself to question him. So I went online to see if he had an office that I can go to. Instead I saw that he had a chatroom on his website.

As usual I get right to the point.
Literally minutes passed before I said “hello”.
The reason I overlap the screenshots is to show that I did not edit anything out.
As you can see he did not answer my question about Koran verse 5:3, in which Allah states Islam is perfect.
After first avoiding answering the simple question he claims ignorance on the verse. So I decided to help him out and show him the verse.

Is that because for now he has to work within framework of US Laws?

He clearly does not want to speak about Islam….
Again, minutes were literally passing before he came up with more “thoughtful responses”.
Would he say that if there were no separation of Mosque and State here?

Tick tock….

Again, would he feel that way if he did not have to work within the framework of US Laws?

Still no answers. Just evasion and the reality that he still has to work within US Laws.

Minutes continue to pass as they look for the “right answer”.
The check marks on the right show that he has not read the comments and had rudely fled the interview.
I guess Mohammad got his tongue…
Approximately 30 minutes later he came back and read my final comments. Him not answering the final question closed the case for me though.
Not to be trusted.

For those who might give him the benefit of the doubt, what happens when there are enough Muslims in office to change the country to suit Islam? As it happened in Hammtrmack Michigan?

A vote for a Muslim candidate is a vote for Islam. The last thing our future generations need.

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Thank you,

Christopher Logan

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