CAIR Kentucky Misleads America

Once again the Council on America Islamic Relations (CAIR) has mislead the public by implying that they are against slavery, for equality and the US Constitution.

CAIR-Kentucky Calls for Removal of Confederate Flag Flying Outside Courthouse

In a statement, CAIR-Kentucky Chair Waheedah Muhammad said:

“As an African-American, the Confederate flag is to me a painful reminder of a period in America’s darkest history when a bloody war was fought to keep my ancestors enslaved and considered less than fully human.

That sounds nice, there is a problem though. The problem being that Islam still allows slavery. Even the taking of non-Muslim sex slaves, AKA as “right hand possess”.

Koran 4:24

Which means even married women can be taken as slaves. So much for the respect of family values, marriage, and US Laws.

From Islam Q & A

How “reassuring” that this action can only take place “during war”. Unfortunately one act of “waging war’ on Allah is simple disbelief, or opposing Islam. (As per the world renowned Tafsir Ibn Kathir. A scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran.)

Koran 5:33

To make matters worse it is not just slavery, it can be sex slavery. Which those with morals know is rape. As having sex with a slave is not considered zina (adultery/unlawful sex) in Islam.

Of course….”Allah allowed it”. Once again showing that Muslims stand with the laws of the Koran over US Laws.
Sahih Muslim Book 008, Hadith Number 3371

Sahih Muslim Book 08. Marriage

(Muslim men can “marry” their captives, but do not have to.)

Chapter: Al-Azl (incomplete sexual intercourse): Coitus Interruptus.

Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al Khadri (Allah he pleased with him): O Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him) mentioning al-‘azl? He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.

Let me see if I have this right. Muslims may or may not have killed the adult male family members and enslaved children of the female captives of war. Yet Muslims want us to believe that these females not only wanted to have sex with their captors, but also be impregnated by them. Not buying it. As I said, those with morals know this is Islam sanctioned rape.

In a statement, CAIR-Kentucky Chair Waheedah Muhammad said.

“We welcome the removal of this symbol of racism, white supremacy and treason from public property and hope any decision about future memorials will only be made after input from all segments of the local community.”

I am a proud America First Nationalist, but not in the name of racism. Meaning I am not a white supremacist. What is happening here though is that Waheedah Muhammad is implying she is against supremacy as a whole. When in fact Islam is an ideology of supremacy.

Koran 3:110

That sure sounds like Muslim supremacy to me.
Is this want you want for America Waheedah?

As for treason, Islam clearly contradicts the US Constitution. As proven by me here, and by Dr. Steve Kirby here.

So which do you support Waheedah? The Koran or the US Constitution?

CONTACT: CAIR-Kentucky Chair Waheedah Muhammad, (859) 545-0651,



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