North American Infidels Hits New Twitter Highs!!

NAI newestI fully understand that these days so many people have their hands full with work, looking for work, and their children. But unfortunately the media is not getting the job done in the war with Islam. So we have to become citizen journalists in order to win the information war with Islam. One way of doing this is to counter the Muslim propagandists that are flooding the social networks, preying on naïve and trusting non-Muslims.

Those who are on Twitter know that while I am not here on Logan’s Warning, there is a very good chance that I am there doing my part in the information war. Which is not making Muslims happy at all!

(Click on images to enlarge. Ryan will not admit he is a Muslim, but he spends his life defending Islam. Either way my point stands.)

Muslims say I am building an army

That photo was take several months ago. So I am guessing these new Twitter highs will really stir up the hornet’s nest!

Twitter record
I applaud everyone who is involved in the exposing Islam campaign. You are doing the job the mainstream media is afraid to! Thanks for all of your support!