Mayor of Lancaster CA: We have a Christian Community, Tells CAIR to Take a Walk!

Just a few days ago Lancaster City Councilwoman Sherry Marquez spoke out against Islam. Today we see the Mayor of Lancaster take a stand for Christianity, and against CAIR. There must be something good in the water over there!

Hat tip to the Munz @ Munz’s Place.

Muslim group irked by ‘Christian’ comment

LANCASTER, CA – The mayor of Lancaster, California, is being criticized for telling residents that their town is a growing Christian community and they should be proud of that.

Mayor R. Rex Parris made the remarks at the end of his annual State of the City address last week.

The Greater Los Angeles area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has denounced the comments. The chapter says it plans to file a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Justice Department. Executive director Hussam Ayloush says elected officials shouldn’t be using their public positions to impose their religious beliefs.

Mayor Parris told the Los Angeles Times that he had no such intentions and says he won’t apologize.

Lancaster is about 40 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Please give the Mayor’s office a call of support. The contact information can be found HERE. Thanks!

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  • MsLady

    Thank you so much and God bless and keep you safe.

    • ChristopherL

      Thanks for dropping by FRiend!

  • Prayer_Warrior

    Mayor, I stand in agreement with you and the Christian community of Lancaster. God keep you all in the Hollow of His Hand.

  • La Lydia

    We let them come to our country, and now they are trying to tell us what our elected officials can and cannot say. How does his statement "impose" religious beliefs on anyone? They just want to stifle him, and stifle any objections to their seditious activities here.

    • Martin

      I grew up in parts of the Philippines where there are Muslims. All I know is that, unlike other religious groups, where there are Muslims there will be trouble…sooner or later.

  • Rose

    Geez, I'm not even a Christian anymore, but I stand with Parris like every other religious and non-religious group in the area that didn't take offense.

    These people must be stopped. They also must be taught some manners. Johnnycomelatelys got a lot of nerve causing a rukus like this. These people are hyper-aggressive in everything. Such a sense of entitlement when Christians are being killed and persecuted in their lands.

  • chetha

    I am all for Parris and his position. The only concern I have it that muslims would likewise try and move their political agenda in places like Dearbornistan and Hamtramckistan, MI, where they are in sizable numbers.

    Sad that the situation in our great nation is deteriorating so fast with respect to islam, and yet most of the public is blissfully unaware of what is happening around us.

    • ChristopherL

      Unfortunately they are already doing that.

  • Az Zaqqum

    They know our laws, we don't know their laws. __Sharia does not allow them to use our courts just like we can't use their courts.

  • Civilus Defendus

    I sent Mayor Parris and Council Member Marquez a supportive e-mail, the "Call to Action" and "Liberty vs Sharia" and a link to Sharia-Free America ( ). They will undoubtedly come under additional pressure from CAIR, et al.

    Funny as our federal government caves to sharia, local governments STAND UP.

  • Civilus Defendus

    I sent Mayor Parris and Council Member Marquez a supportive e-mail, the "Call to Action" and "Liberty vs Sharia" and a link to Sharia-Free America ( ). They will undoubtedly come under additional pressure from CAIR, et al.

    Funny as our federal government caves to sharia, local governments STAND UP.

  • Fran_Ingram

    Good man. Hope they have the courage to stick with it!

  • Fran_Ingram

    Yes, I have also written to their office to support them. Thanks for the links.

  • greg_o

    I sent the Mayor a congrats email. Hope it emboldens him.

  • Bosun

    So, Hussam Ayloush is going to get the US Government to support his religious believes. "If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow."

  • Bosun

    Sorry I met to say, So, Hussam Ayloush is going to get the US Government to support his religious beliefs.

    "If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow."

    Say no to Shari'ah Law in the United States of America…..

    • ChristopherL

      Thanks for pitching in everyone!

      • bosun

        thanks for having such a good site…

  • BlackbootJack

    Glad to see people respond when the time is needed:

    "The Honorable Mayor R. Rex Parris

    Thank you and may I say GOOD FOR YOU and the city of Lancaster. Good, because they have a leader such as you that can stand up and tell CAIR to take a hike. If you can do it, all of our leaders can do it.
    What the majority of Americans fail to understand is that Islam, through CAIR and many other Islamic organizations are trying to undermine our society and culture.
    They are trying to stifle our freedom of speech, and this is how they do it.
    I didn’t hear any muslim group come out and complain when Obama let loose his gaff about America being a muslim country…did you?
    So stick to your guns…don’t apologize. You said nothing that needs an apology.
    Great work sir!!

    Your friend on the East Coast,"

    (name and town)
    (cell phone )

  • ChristopherL

    Thanks for your usual good work!

  • Chris

    Thank God for the mayor of Lancaster, California and the current voters of New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts.

    • ChristopherL

      You got that right! Things are slowly chaging in our favor.

  • Chris

    Now I have new interest to see California for at least a day or more in Lancaster CA.

  • Laura

    Thanks for standing for the truth and not backing down. Keep the faith!

  • Revere B

    Mayor, you are a hero. Please stand firm. Muslims are simply intimidators and are recklessly attacking the truth.

  • Troy Starr

    Mayor, Thank God for people like you. Prayer support is being sent your way from all across this great Nation! Please stand firm!

  • Vic E.

    Someone has to stand up for our American Values and it has to start in our own communities. Well Done

    • ChristopherL

      Yes Vic, it is on us to stand up and protect life as we know it, for our families future generations.

  • M. Macomber

    Good for you!!!! Keep up the good work & maintain your strong stance.

  • TruthWFree

    Way to go Lancaster!
    We ought to demand that Obama apologize for stating we are a Muslim country.
    Islam is not compatible with Freedom or our culture. No more Islamic immigration and deport all Muslims and their families who plot against our country and our Freedom!

    • ChristopherL

      Thanks for all of the support guys, I am going to send this link to his office.

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  • Christopher Ronk

    A lot of Muslim Haters here. I wonder what Jesus would say about that?

    • admin

      I doubt very much that Jesus would of approved of Islam, and Christianity is not about getting walked all over. Past Popes that fought Islam head on proved that.

    • eib

      Jesus said, love your enemies, bless them who curse you.
      He never once said surrender to your enemies.
      He never once said submit.
      Mohammed demands that you submit to him, to his armies, to his adherents.
      Will you really drop your integrity so quickly?

  • Truth B Told

    Wow, I came on this website to look up the mayor and his odffice address. I love you all for standing behind your mayor. I too agree with him.

    I live in northern California and wish we were all more like you folks.

    God Bless you all

  • isa aliyash

    It’s unfortunate that a elected official to be ignorant to what islam is and to what islam is here in North America. People need to know the difference between the culture aspects of a 3rd world country versus what islam really is. The education to be why out of the 2billion muslim around the world only 16 percent has a warp interpidtation on Islam and ascrbe to violent acts. Educate ppl on what islam really is and stop allowing ppl warp views of how they think its effect how you treat your muslim citzen.

    • admin

      Of course you do not go into specifics. So I will. Islam allows child marriages, rape, plundering, and lying. It is stuck in the past, and that is where it belongs. As for Muslims. Not another one of them should be allowed into America.

    • emmi

      Isa Ilyash. In Europe we know what Islam is about. Muslim leaders boasting that they are giving up their jobs to Islamise the UK while living on benefits. Muslims pretending that they have nowhere to pray so they block the streets and start building more ugly mosques without planning permission. Punching in the face anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Screaming for the beheading of people they don’t like. Raping non-Muslim women saying it is their right according to their religion. Stockholm is called the rape capital of the world and Muslims are demanding that their ghetto be regarded as an Islamic state with sharia law. Muslims demanding sharia law with stoning of raped women, amputations and hanging of gays. Cruelly produced halal meat forced upon the public like everything else that is Islamic. Setting fire to buildings and cars to protest about some invented ‘offence’.
      Believing you are superior because you remove the snot from your nose and thrust your shabbily clad bums in the air five times a day and refuse to move into the 21st century. And you think we should stand open mouthed at the wonder that is Islam that has come to the West to destroy our way of life. We don’t need you.
      We know all we want to know about Islam.

      • eib

        Islam is submission, not to God.
        It is submission to the revelation of Mohammed, to Mohammed, to the Arabs, to the Arab language and culture, and to a demon.
        Christians do not submit themselves to God, they submit their lives to God as a “living sacrifice.”
        Muslims demand Jihad and blood sacrifice.
        Truly, Islam is profane.

  • Lord John Marbury

    Genesis chapter 18 through chapter 19 verse 26. Keep in mind my wife’s name is Sarah, really! Since we moved to this doomed dust cloud of a city, a daughter, divorce and increasing calamity. I personally feel as if I should leave to a small town and let my angels do what they do best.

    All religions aside, I fear the time is near. The cops like playing cat & mouse with me now that im alone, assuming I need protection. They are wrong in that they need protection, of their souls, versus me. This mouse knew all its life what itwould

  • NM

    I won’t be moving to Lancaster.

    How uncivilised and uneducated are you about your fellow citizens.

    First of all you need to learn to separate Religion and culture and then do some research on all religions.

    • admin

      I have done plenty of research on Islam, please come back so we can debate the issue.

    • admin

      Mohammad cut of the limbs of people and left them to die.

      Bukhari Hadith Volume 8, Book 82, Number 795:
      Narrated Anas:
      The Prophet cut off the hands and feet of the men belonging to the tribe of ‘Uraina and did not cauterise (their bleeding limbs) till they died.

      He was uncivilized, but as a Muslim you will not have the moral courage to condemn him.

      • Isa Aliyash

        Bukari was not even authentic source of info and is not a book even wether to discuss

        • admin

          Right, that is why he is called “Sahih” Bukhari. It is comical how Muslims continually come here and make unsubstantiated claims.

          Sahih = authentic.

  • fashion

    It抯 arduous to search out educated folks on this matter, but you sound like you already know what you抮e talking about! Thanks

  • Isa aliyash

    The old saying people hate what they don’t understand ….sadly miseducation is a disease to that plague our society. Muslim is not the problem here in lancaster when was the last time the police was called on a Muslim here in lancaster? Yet Lancaster is filled with gang member who commit crime at a alarming rate but the great citizen of lancaster are more worried about a group of people who have not had one incident of hate .. What you put on Muslim is what most people that comment is guilty of ,hate ….which is a weak emotion and Islam is not a religion of hate cause every thing about Islam you can find in the bible . I challenge the mayor to pull the statistic to every crime that was committed by Muslim in Lancaster …. But still in all most mom and pops store you have in lancaster in own by Muslims… But the city of lancaster had no problem approving for business license… I guess it business as usual… Some body quoted Bukari which is not even authentic book that Muslims even agreed on. The mayor need to stop using Muslims as a scapegoat and deal with the real issues. I challenge the mayor to a public debate about what Islam is and what Islam is not .

    • admin

      I have a saying, when you make a claim prove it. Prove I do not understand Islam.
      Muslims do not have to be violent to be a threat. Because Muslims are Islamifying the country within the law.

      Islam allows the taking of sex slaves. Calls for the dominance over non-Muslims. By force if necessary. Even the Islamic prayer itself preaches hatred against Jews and Christians.

      The NT says Jesus was the final message of Christianity. He did not murder, rape, and plunder. Mohammad did.

      Once again, he is called Sahih Bukhari. That means authentic. I challenge you to a radio debate on Islam.

    • admin

      Isa said:

      But still in all most mom and pops store you have in lancaster in own by Muslims…

      So Lancaster is becoming Islamified. Thanks for the information!

      Funny, how you are so concerned with discrediting Sahih Bukhari. You tried twice, and have failed twice. If you have to lie about your belief system to get others to accept it, there is obviously something wrong with it.

  • Isa Aliyash

    I accept your invite to debate on the radio I have….cause u still have not yet capture the Essenes Islam in anything you have said … And sahih Bukari I actually despised that book and does not demonstrate what we are …..goggle the charter of medina where Christian, Jews and Muslim come together and wrote this constitution to live in the same land in Harmony respect each religion that occupied medina and to protect every religion that occupied medina if attack …again I say where are u getting ur info from

    • admin

      Prove that I have not “captured the essence”. You continue to make unsubstantiated claims. As for Bukhari, what you think about him is irrelevant, because he is respected across the world. I also proved you to be a liar in regards to him, when you claimed his Ahadith were not authentic. Of course you ducked that response.

      I know of the Charter of Medina. There are articles in it that give Islam the finally say. No non-Muslim should ever have to live under that threat.

      46. In case of any dispute or controversy, which may result in trouble the matter must be referred to Allah and Muhammed (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) of Allah will accept anything in this document, which is for (bringing about) piety and goodness.

      54. This document will not (be employed to) protect one who is unjust or commits a crime (against other parties of the Pact).

      “Unjust” could be defined as anything. No thanks, not interested. You attempted to sell me Islamic rule. Did it ever occur to you that most non-Muslims do not want to live under it? Or do you just not care?

      Send me an email at, and I will set it up.