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Dead Islamic Boston Bomber was a fan of “Taliban Rapper” Vinnie Paz!

Back in August of 2011 I exposed that Philadelphia’s “Taliban gangsta” rapper Vinnie Paz was too much of a moral coward to condemn Mohammad for being a rapist, and slave owner. I also spoke out against his irresponsible pro-Islamic terrorism video. Now unfortunately my words are proven true as I was informed that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the dead Islamic Boston Bomber was a fan of the terror loving Vinnie Paz!

Lawmakers: Afghan Leader Threatens to Join Taliban!

Is this finally the last straw? Will we now wake up, and realize that we have no Muslim allies? They are using us for our money, and to gain power. In the end they will stand with Islam against us. It is time to bring the troops home, drill where we can, and end all Muslim immigration and aid. As I have been saying for years, it will be us or them. There will be no middle ground, so take a side.

McChrystal Details the Afghan Night Raids Policy

This is the update to the “McChrystal to US Troops: Limit the Night Raids” story. Muslims say jump, and clueless McChrystal asks how high? He has clearly fallen for the Muslims are playing the victim card trap, and is more concerned with them being “offended”, than the lives of our great troops. If he were in charge during WWII, the Nazis would of slaughtered us. Our troops deserve much better.

McChrystal to US Troops: Limit the Night Raids

Clueless McChrystal who had recently stated that there has been enough fighting in Afghanistan, and that Taliban members can participate in their government, has done it again. As if the Rules of Engagement (ROE) were not already in favor of the enemy, the General has tightened them up once again. Did it ever cross his mind to protect our great troops first? Apparently not.

Clueless McChrystal Focuses on Peace with Taliban

Clueless McChrystal is at it again. He has now shown a sign of weakness and ignorance to the enemy. Islam calls for perpetual war, and the Taliban will say anything to get the US to back off. Thankfully McChrystal was not calling the shots during WWII. We not only need to clean house of our government, but the Pentagon as well. We need strong leaders, not appeasers.

Obama/Gates: We Recognize the Taliban

Just the other day the Pentagon erased the Islamic factor from the Fort Hood shooting. This afternoon we have Obama and Co. recognizing the enemy and they are accepting them into the political landscape of Afghanistan. Those that are supposed to be leading us, are not leading us in the right direction. I am sure that this will workout for the best….

UK Bishop: Taliban can be Admired

Although Muslims of the UK are looking to shove Sharia Law down the throats of everyone there, for the most part the Church is silent. Well that is except when they have a chance to support the enemy,just like they did when they came out in favor of the UK Sharia Courts. The slow suicide continues.