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Canada: Reviving the Islamic Spirit ~ 2012 ~ “This is our Time”….

Well it’s almost that time again. Time for this year’s Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference. A time for Muslims to once again exploit the freedoms of the West, as they are uniting and rallying for what is being called “their time”. A time in which the West is plagued and dying because of the politically correct disease. A time in which Muslims are the West’s Dr. Kevorkian.

Canada ~ Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference ~ To Take Place on Christmas!

Unfortunately this year is the 10Th anniversary of the Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Conference (Canada), and it will be taking place over the Christmas holiday on December 23-25, 2011. This is not the first time Islamic conferences have been held place over the Christmas holiday. Last year Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, spoke at a Sharia convention held by The Muslim American Society, and the Islamic Circle of North America in Illinois.

Muslim “Memorial Day” Weekend

While non-Muslims across America were honoring our fallen WARRIORS, and rightly so, two major Islamic conventions were taking place this past weekend. The first was the 2nd annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit US Convention, which was held in Long Beach California, from May 28th – May 30th.

Reviving the Islamic Spirit~ US Convention~ Video

Islamic conferences are popping up across the West,, a top ranked Islamic website is calling for the final jihad, Muslims are preaching for Sharia right on the streets of NY, Muslims are dominating parts of the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, etc. These are just some examples of how Muslims are uniting, and slowly taking over the West. Now the Reviving The Islamic Spirit convention, is coming to Long Beach California at the end of this month.