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Plans for 2nd Ground Zero Mosque in Advanced Stages

Trying to build a 100,000 square foot, mega-Mosque at Ground Zero is not enough for Muslims. They want the presence of Islam felt all around us, and they do not care if we like it or not. Freedom of religion with Islam = freedom for them to takeover. After the Barbary Coast Wars, it should of been banned. Now the enemy is within.

Ground Zero Community Board Ready to bow to Anti-Mosque Uprising?

Unless you have been unconscious for the past week or so, you probably know about the storm brewing over a Ground Zero mega-Mosque, getting community board approval. Since that day, there has been an uprising against the Mosque, and it appears that the pressure is already getting to the board. At this point I encourage all that are in the NY area, to please join Pamela Geller at the May 25Th Mosque Community Board Meeting. This is either going to be a great victory for us, or them. Lets make it us!

100,000 Square Foot Ground Zero Islamic Center Gets Approval!

First of all, this project is complete sign of disrespect by Muslims, but they are only concerned with advancing Islam. They can preach the Islam is peaceful line, all they want. It is just not true. Secondly, the board members that unanimously approved the Islamic center, are obviously uninformed on Islam. I guess that it would of been too much trouble for them, to do some actual research on the issue. We have to continue to educate, or Muslims will continue to destroy the West from within. It is up to us!