Angry Head in the Sand Brit Leaves me a Nasty Voicemail ~ Audio

Now this is just comical. I was on MeWe tonight and was alerted to the Christian Politics page there. Upon going there an angry Brit named Dylan S quickly showed up in an attempt to deny that Muslims where changing the UK to suit Islam. After being overwhelmed with proof that took him out of his self-imposed fantasy land he lashed out at me. Because he cares of nothing but his own feelings. Not even his own future generations. Which is truly sad. Hopefully the true Brits will save the country from Islamic rule.


Angry Leftist Brit Alert!
Of course he left out the part about the Sharia Courts handling criminal cases.

I am not complaining about the Jewish Courts because Jews are not on a worldwide attempt to turn the clock back over 1000 years. Muslims are though.



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