Germans led by Anti-Islam Political Party Take it to the Streets!

For years many us sat and watched as Europe slowly was being devoured by Islam, but these days the tide is certainly changing. Besides anti-Islam politician Geert Widlers gaining more power in the Netherlands, the tide is also changing in Germany. Back in January I posted an article about the Pro NRW, which is an anti-Islam party based in Cologne. They are moving forward with their agenda…

Mönchengladbach: resistance against Islamists as the first effect – Demo on 9 October even more important now!

The political opposition to the planned radical Islamic madrasa in Mönchengladbach-Eicken is beginning to impact: After several weeks of dedicated protests by concerned residents and the civic movement pro NRW there are early signs of recession of the Salafist Islamists stone age. “For now” is supposedly no longer an immediate removal of the device from Brunswick to Mönchengladbach planned, it was from Islamist circles, even before this news from other leading representatives of the Association was re-qualified.

The fact remains: The move is also the view of the security agencies not off the table, on the contrary! Most likely only a tactical maneuver behind the now ignited smoke grenades rheotorischen the Stone Age-Islamists, who are obviously very impressed by the organized resistance of the residents and the citizens’ movement per NRW.

For the preparations for the big demonstration of pro NRW, Republicans and citizens on 9 Eickener October in any case, this means a further strengthening of the mobilization. can be obtained only when public pressure is now maintained and even reinforced, you will be able to prevent the aggressive Islamist showcase really!

Media and political establishment are now awake, in Eicken currently give local politicians of all parties to the jack in hand and in the next few weeks are also out of state and federal interior minister announced. This important phase of decision making must now shaping with clearly perceptible protest anti-Islam movement. The public pressure must be increased further!

Pro NRW will do so in the next two weeks with information booths and Flugblattverteilaktionen and 9 continue October with a big demonstration to speak on, including the chairman of the Pro-motion Markus Beisicht and the national chair of the Republican Rolf Schmid will.

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