Muslim Threat on Logans Warning: Christians Your Time has Come

Here is another example of interfaith dialogue with Muslims, Logans Warning style. This threat is coming from Pakistan. Our so called “ally”

ABUBAKAR KHAN GURMANI 2010/07/02 at 10:15 am

you christians have no humanity. have u forgotten the time when we muslims conquered you people in history and did the mercy whom u can never show.
we muslims has always battle and ruling ethics and u ……….????
u shed un ending blood of muslims in crusedes but go to read history from ur own authors. and even watch the movie kingdom of heaven.what ayubi behaved is a golden part of history….
but listen….. we will again come to ur lands again.i may not live a long but remember we will come again.if it would happen in my life Insha Allah . i will let u see what i would do to u people.its my promise… we have started our compeign.see what we have done to allians armies in afghanistan and how we are smashing american and christians bastards in iraq.time is about to come.just see .there is no more wait

When you speak of humanity, are you talking about how you guys continually blow each other up in your country? Yes Muslims are coming into our lands, and non-Muslims are finally turning against Islam. This is just the beginning…. “Norway Bans Sharia Courts!”

I will never sumbit to Islam, so come and do what you have to do.
BTW, if Islam is so great why does Pakistan needs so much US financial aid?

We await your visit….

Here is where my new friend, is posting from.

General IP Information
ISP: PTCL Triple Play Project
Organization: PTCL Triple Play Project
Proxy: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Static IP

Geolocation Information
Country: Pakistan
State/Region: Islamabad
City: Islamabad

Latitude: 33.7
Longitude: 73.1667
Area Code:
Postal Code:

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