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North American Infidels TKO of CAIR Texas – Houston!

Whatever happened to interfaith dialogue!? Whatever happened to clearing up the “misconceptions” of Islam? Oh, I forgot….Muslim propagandists only want dialogue when the recipients of it are naïve and trusting non-Muslims.

Unfortunately for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), that is not us here at North American Infidels.

North American Infidels Media Failure Alert: Right Wing News

As I have stated, in order to win the war with Islam we must win the information war. To do so we must expose the deception and lies of the Muslim misinformation machine. But there is more to it than that. We also must counter the leftist media’s whitewashing of Islam.

I wish I could tell you that is where it ends, but I cannot. Unfortunately we even have to counter the misinformation provided on some conservative based sites as well. One such site is Right Wing News.

North American Infidels Debating Tactic #2: “We Respect Jesus”

In an effort to counter the 24/7 Muslim propaganda machine, North American Infidels (NAI) presents part II in our new Debating Tactics Series.

Two of the most prevalent talking points I see Muslims use are the “we respect Jesus”, and “Islam respects Jesus”. These are used in an attempt get non-Muslims to believe Islam is close to Christianity, while being non-hostile towards it.

~Mainstream Media Ignorance Exposed!~

Besides having to fight Muslims in the information war, we are also battling the intentional ignorance of the mainstream media (MSM). I say “intentional ignorance” because it is obvious that many who report for the MSM have done little, if any, research on Islam. Let’s take a look at an outrageous example of this irresponsible reporting!

We Need a Plan

Whether we like or not we are in a war with Islam. While it is mostly a non-violent within America, it is a still war. As their goal is to conquer us. Islam is quickly expanding across the America, and it is very clear that we are losing at this present time. Muslims are beating us, by using our own rules against us. So in order strike back (all within the law of course), we must get more organized and develop a plan. Talking about the internal threat of Islam is not enough. We must try to counter the top five reasons we are losing this war.

My Email to Sacramento’s Newsreview.com

Here is my email to Bob Schmidt of Newsreview.com. He is the reporter who wrote today’s article “The all-American Mosque”. In this article he blindly repeats what Imam Mohammad Abdul-Azeez of the SALAM Center has told him, and does even begin to try and dig into what the Imam, and Islamic Center are all about. One of the main reasons we are losing the war with Islam is because the MSM is so protective of it. In return we must refute their claims about Islam, and take the time to let them know we will challenge them every time we see one of their whitewash’s of Islam. Here is what I just sent to Bob and the editors of Newsreview.com.

MuslimResponse.com: What They do not Tell you

Recently I was viewing the MuslimMatters.org website, and on it there is an article about a new group entitled MuslimResponse.com. Here is part of the interview with their VP of Media Relations, Asmaa Hussein.

Haytham: Can you summarize what MuslimResponse.com is all about?

Asmaa: Muslim Response is a non-profit and non-political information dissemination project. Its vision is to fill the void in the media where mainstream Muslim thoughts should be; by presenting responses around hot-topic event headlines, with a focus on issues concerning Islam and Muslims, Muslim Response is geared to go viral! The team will be releasing well-researched, balanced and high quality professional responses through the website and various social media outlets.

Haytham: So what prompted your team to start this project?

Asmaa: As Muslims who have been raised in the West, we know that it can be very hurtful and demoralizing to continuously read and watch journalists and members of the public misunderstand and misrepresent Islam and Muslims. We cringe when we hear people disrespecting our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his teachings, or wilfully take verses from the Qur’an out of context. Although many of us have been born and raised in the West, we may still feel at odds with the media’s lack of truthful and adequate representation of our communities. Unfortunately, the media spotlight is often projected onto fringe groups that do not represent the majority of Muslim thought.