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Obama to Roll out red Carpet for 500 Muslims

Ever since Obama took office the pattern of our government, catering to Islam has been crystal clear. Recent examples of this are Obama overturning the Bush ban on Tariq Ramadan, ending the use of terms like “radical Islam” in security documents, and the pathetic Islamophile speech by John Brennan, Assistant to the President For Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, given at NYU. Our government has now taken it one step further, and there is no end is sight.

President Obama Seeks to Bridge Differences with Islam

Looking for an article to post about Islam, I just found this one on Voice of America. It is so one-sided, that I just had to tear it apart. What makes this article more interesting than most, is that VOA is funded by the USA Islamic ass kissing government of America. My challenge to anyone in the US government remains, I will gladly debate you anywhere, anytime and expose your Islam is a religion of peace lie. The public deserves to know the truth!