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Flags of Islamic Countries Flying High in NYC!

I continually state that our freedoms have been turned into a tool of Islam by Muslims and their over tolerant infidel supports. Tonight we will see another example of this. Taking a look at NYC we see that Ground Zero is disgracefully surrounded by halal food carts, the Islamic Prayer of hatred is being broadcast onto the streets, and in midtown Rockefeller Center is also feeding the beast as it is lined with halal food carts. To make matters worse the other night I was walking through the area and was looking at all the flags that are flying high above the Rockefeller Center’s ice skating rink. Unfortunately flags representing Islamic countries are being honored in midtown NY!

Nation’s Largest Public Policy Women’s Organization Takes Swipe at Pentagon for Bowing to Islam

Finally a women’s organization has spoken out against Islam, and has even criticized the politically correct Pentagon. Concerned Women for America is a Christian based organization, and hopefully their courage will open the door for more Christians to speak up. Since most of our country identifies themselves as Christians, we are going to need a large Christian movement to win this war. If you don’t want your families future generations living under Islamic rule, turning the other cheek is not an option. Speak up, and speak often!