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Muslim in America to Logan’s Warning: We WILL OVERTHROW the US Government!

As many of you know I engage in a lot of online conversations with Muslims. Basically most of them follow the same pattern. A Muslim is being deceptive to non-Muslims about Islam by only telling them only part of the story, or by flat out lying. (Their religion instructs them lie.) Then I expose their deception and lies. After that their response is to usually pull a Houdini and disappear from the conversation. But the conversation I had on YouTube with Jihadifanclub took a different turn.

YouTube: US Muslim Runs Jihadi Fan Club!

Surfing YouTube tonight, I found a page entitled “jihadifanclub”. The owner of the account claims to be a 28 year-old Muslim living in America. The page is decorated with the Sharia Zone posters, Anjem Choudary and his crew have put up in the UK.