Like Muslima Mother, Like Muslima Daughter

Ilhan Omar and Isra Hirsi

I am sure most of you know of the US Congresswoman for Allah, Ilhan Omar. You might not know of her daughter Isra Hirsi though. Who unfortunately follows in her mother’s Islamic footprints, attempting to mislead the public. Acting if they have the best interests of America at heart.

Daughter of the Congresswoman for Allah.

I don’t know exactly why but about an hour ago something told me to go on Twitter and take a look at the page of Ilhan Omar. Which lead me to her activist daughter.

As you can see she opposes America and has no problem with brainwashing other youths of the country.
Human rights? Let take a look at some of the “human rights” of Islam.


Which is openly supported by her mother.

What the Congresswoman for Allah is saying there is that anyone who accuses her of adultery and cannot prove it should be flogged. Which would be a direct violation of the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution.

This does not surprise me though. Because the Koran instructs Muslims not to obey unbelievers.

Koran 33:01

Which shows us that mother and daughter stand with Islamic Law over the laws of America. Laws which are a threat to females and non-Muslims.

Domestic violence against females. Koran 4:34.

The words are clear.

Prepubescent marriages. Koran 65:4, as per the world renowned Tafsir (Scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran.) Ibn Kathir.

For those who do not know, the “iddah” is the waiting period that a female Muslim is supposed to wait before they can get married again.

The Koranic call for Islam to dominate over non-Muslims whether they like it or not.

Koran 9:33

Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of America identifies as Christians.

Finally, that dominance is to come by force if need be.

Koran 9:29

Considering the fact that the Koran clearly contradicts the US Constitution, Muslims should not even be allowed to run for office in America. Let alone be allowed to swear in on a Koran.

Like Islamic mother, like Islamic daughter. Two adversaries of America.

(That is not a call to harassment or violence.)