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SF Police Chief Bows Down to Local Muslim Community

What do San Francisco police Cheif George Gason, and L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca have in common? They are both suffering from a life-threatening disease. The disease is the deadly Muslim Appeasement Delusional Disorder (MADD). If a cure for MADD is not quickly found, it will spread like wildfire, and then is just a matter of time until Islam dominates America. My diagnosis is that two parts of the cure are, being educated on Islam, and growing a spine. Lets see if they are willing to take the treatment.

LA County Sheriff Proudly Stands With CAIR

Two days ago, we started the day off on a good note about a US Church that took out an anti-Islam ad. Unfortunately the good news in regards to Islam never does last long. Here we have a so called American leader, who is defiant in his defense of CAIR and Islam. Good work traitor.