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Islam Marches Across the UK~ Video

Here we have another video from the UK, which shows us just how bad things have gotten there with Islam. The country’s culture is being wiped out. I continually put out the call to end Muslim immigration, and hope that this video will convince more people to join me in this call. Time is running out…

Sweden to Allocate 8.5 Million Euros per Year to Turkey

Turkey is getting stricter and stricter, with the Islamic AKP Party running the show. So the Swedish government decides to fund them in an effort to “reform”, and get Turkey into the EU. I guess that this is part of the West’s fantasy of “moderate” Islam coming to the rescue, and I am sure that the money will go to good use…. Turkey is Trojan Horse to the EU, and the country should not be allowed in.

Study: Muslims in European Prisons

Earlier today I posted a story about Muslims imposing Sharia Law within the UK prison system. While surfing the Internet, I just came across this study about Muslim prisoners in Europe. Of course much of it is filled with Muslims playing the victim card. They are the masters at that.

Ireland Hails Muslim Contributions

The President of Ireland has praised, and thanked Muslims for educating Ireland about Islam. Did they educate them to the fact that Islam is a religion of war, that encourages lying? Of course not, and if she thinks what is happening in Britain, will not happen in Ireland she is only fooling herself.

French Catholic Church: Respect the Rights of Muslims

Just last week French President Nicolas Sarkozy stated that the non-Muslims of France need to tolerate Islam. In another act of the slow destruction of Western Civilization, the French Catholic Church has sided with a religion that is out to destroy it. Fighting Islam is not about religion to me, it is about preserving life as we know it for our families future generations. But without a large Christian movement, I do not see us winning this war.

US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding

Earlier this week, our Hamas loving government had lifted a ban on Tariq Ramadan, which has opened the door for him to enter America. He was originally banned because he had donated to Hamas-linked organizations. Today we learn that our Treasury Department has opened the door for the EU to fund Gaza without interference. Are the EU and our Treasury Department full of Israel haters, or are they just clueless?

Italy: 100 Italians Armed with Pipes go After Illegals!

After illegal immigrants from Africa rioted, old school Italians took to the streets to show them whose town it is. Expect clashes like this to happen across the West, as endless mass immigration is pushing legals to break point. We do not have to give up our countries to a bunch of unappreciative illegals. We owe them nothing.

EU Muslims Launch Rights Council

We continually see how Muslims in the West use our freedoms against us to advance Islam. Now they have created this council to brush up on their skills on how to destroy us from within. The rules need to change, otherwise we will eventually lose this war.