Sends out Misleading Tweet, Then it Disappears!

BustedIf you have been following some of my recent posts you will know that I have been taking it to the Ahmadi Muslim misinformation machineTheir leader included. Now today we take it to a new level, as the Ahamdi’s of “TrueIslam” have been caught out for clearly attempting to mislead the public on Islam.

True Islam lies 1

Besides their failed attempt at deception, they ran to the hills when confronted with the verses that showed they were trying to mislead the public.

True Islam proof 1

True Islam proof 2

True Islam proof 3

They never did address any of them.

Shortly after I posted the proof I once again clicked on their Tweet. But it had “magically” disappeared. Now if you look at the time the missing Tweet was posted (6:26 AM), and those of the following two, you will then see that the Tweet had been removed.

True Islam time 1

True Islam time 2

True Islam verse is gone

Where did it go? Did Allah will it away? Or did the Muslim propagandists of “TrueIslam” delete it? The world may never know…..


FYI: Their Tweet about Christians and Jews going to heaven was refuted by the following:

Koran 9 63 oppose Allah and Mo go to hell

Oppose Allah and Mad Mo and you are going to roast in hell.

Saudi Tries to Whitewash Islam in Penn St Publication ~ North American Infidels Steps in!

NAI newOver the years apologists for Islam have told me that Muslims are nowhere near the majority here in America. So there is no threat. My rebuttal to that is that Muslims do not have to be anywhere near the majority, in order to help turn public opinion in favor of Islam. All they have to do is continue to key in on three main targets as they have been doing. Our educational system, government, and media.

Today we see another example of this as guest columnist, Yousef Al Naimi, attempts a whitewashing of Islam in The Collegian.

The misrepresentation of Saudi Arabia: an insider’s account

When I was home for the Summer of 2015, in the Saudi city of Dhahran, every Friday, my family would usually meet for lunch at my aunt’s house. While they spoke, I would end up scrolling through my phone, to find out Daesh (derogatory Arabic term for ISIS) has managed to—yet again—murder innocent brothers and sisters of mine, in my own country of Saudi Arabia.

At almost every gathering, the topic would shift to Daesh’s weekly Friday bombing, or shooting, or other horrific act of terror that was aimed not only at Saudi Arabian national security, but ultimately to target the social fabric and the coexistence of the communities and tribes of Saudi Arabia.

To read the upcoming whitewashing click HERE. 

In order to view my point by point rebuttal just scroll down to the comment section. As you will the see, the author could not even get the bat off of his shoulders in an attempt to refute it. In fact I even Tweeted him to make sure I had his attention.

Author Y Namim Saudi article
His response?
Blocked by 6 Yousef Al Naimi college paper

North American Infidels. Doing the job the MSM does not have the courage or knowledge to do.



MPAC Retreats and Throws in the Towel

Boxer out and towelFor years now I have been exposing the Muslim Public Affairs Council, errr….Muslim Propagandists Affairs Council for what they are. Liars for Allah.

In all of time I have been refuting their misinformation I can only remember them responding to me once, and doing so only further exposed their true colors.  Now it seems that they have had enough, and have thrown in the towel. Why? Because the brutal truth about Islam, just cannot be refuted.

Blocked by 6 MPAC


Call to Action: Canton MA Police Chief has Been Mislead on Islam

NAI newIn order to win the war with Islam we need to counter the misinformation that is being spread by Muslim propagandists across the country. And once again the Ahmadis are leading the way, with the misinformation starting at the top.  Not only do we need to continue educating the public to the true threat of Islam, we also need to educate our authority figures. Before they completely bend over backwards in an effort to appease Muslims. Just as they are doing in parts of Europe.

Glas Sharia police

You see Muslims know that if we cannot even speak out against the threat of Islam, we cannot defeat it. So their first move to gain trust is to promote a false version of Islam, and target our authority figures.

Now unfortunately many of those in charge may have not read a Koran, and or want to blindly believe what they are told by Muslims. As is the case with Ken Berkowitz, Chief of Police, Canton Massachusetts.

Police Cheif of Canton MA endorses True Islam

Obviously “TrueIslam” “conveniently” forgot to let the Chief know that Islam is not peaceful or tolerant. Actually it is far from it, sanctioning some of the most barbaric actions you can think of.

Amputations and Crucifixions.
Koran 5:34 (Usually 5:33)
AlIslam. org

Ahmadi 5 34

Koran 24:3 (Usually 24:2)

Ahmadi 24 3

Forced dominance over non-Muslims.
Koran 9:29

Ahmadi 929

By this point I am sure most of my readers know that appeasing Islam is just a cultural suicide, so I ask everyone to please pitch in and contact the Canton Police Department, in order to respectfully voice your opinion on this.

Their contact information can be found HERE.

For those who do not use Twitter.

Canton Police Headquarters
1492 Washington Street
Canton MA, 02021
Business Line
(781) 821-5090

Do NOT call 911 over this.

Thank you,

US Elected Official Reports me to Southern Poverty Law Center!

Michael Wojick 3 profileI was a bit bored afternoon, so this was a welcome laugh. Earlier today on Twitter I had noticed the following absurd Tweet from Rochester City Councilman Michael Wojick.

Michael Wojick 1

Apparently saying “damn Muslims” is hate speech to the obviously thin-skinned Councilman. Besides the Tweet above I had sent him some of the hate speech that resides in the Koran. (Verse 9:29)

Michael Wojick 2

Notice how he did not say a word about the verse itself. But in a failed act of intimidation immediately tagged the far-left hate group The Southern Poverty Law Center. Which has Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer listed in their “Extremists Files”.

SPLC Gaffney

Which just shows how hypocritical they and the Councilman are. Because Islam itself is hate-speech and extremism.

Koran 8 55 worst of beasts

Koran 7 179 cattle

Koran 5 33 snipping tool

Of course when I challenged him on the issue, he had no answers.

Michael Wojick 4 my responses

The Councilman, just another #usefulidiot to Islam.



Logan’s Warning Vs. The Ahmadi Caliph Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad!

Caliph Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad!Ever since 911 Western policy has been to align itself with so called “moderate Muslims” in an effort to save us from the brutality of Islamic rule. One “sect of Islam” that many Westerners promote as being non-threatening is the Ahmadi community, which is lead by Caliph Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (UK).

The problem with these so called “moderate” Muslims is that they are misleading the West on Islam. Even the Ahmadis.  In fact they are currently on a social network campaign claiming they are against extremism. But when I ask them if the Koran’s call for crucifixions and lashings are acts of extremism I get no response. When I ask them to condemn the verses that sanction those actions, I get no response. Try it for yourself. Look for the hashtag #Muslimsforpeace.

Crucifixions: Koran 5:34 www.alislam. org. (The Ahmadi site’s numbers are off by one on some verses.) (Click on images to enlarge.)

Ahmadi 5 34

Lashings: Koran 24:3 on Ahmadi site.

Ahmadi 24 3

Now if you have followed my work for awhile you know that I take great pride in exposing the Islamocon’s being perpetrated by the liars for Allah on the social networks.  But today is a bit different than talking to your average Mo. Today I am going to expose the Islamocon that the Caliph of the Ahmadi community released to the public in regards to the recent Brussels Bombings.

http://www.pressahmadiyya .com/

Ahmadi Calip press 1

That sure does sound nice, but now the con starts.

Ahmadi Calip press 2

Islam does not permit terrorism? So crucifixions and lashings are not acts of terrorism?

Of course he does not define the term “innocent people”. That is because non-Muslims are not considered innocent under Islam.

Koran 9:29

Ahmadi 929

Koran 4:90 

Ahmadi 4 90

Is the Caliph having some kind of memory loss?

Finally, he uses one of the oldest Islamocons in the book. The misquotation of verse 5:33 (5:32 on most sites).

Ahmadi 5 33 snipping tool

Notice how he fails to mention the two most important parts of the verse.

1.That the verse was prescribed for the children of Israel, and they ain’t Muslims!

2. “or for creating disorder in the land“. Which can defined as most anything. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir on verse 2:11)

Koran 2 11 meaning of mischeif

Sorry Caliph, this is Logan’s Warning. Not the MSM, or US Gov’t. You have met your match here. #Stopthelies

Policies are designed to bring in positive results. So I ask, where in the West are so called “moderates” saving us from Islamic rule? In America, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the UK? Isn’t it time we face the reality that this policy has been nothing more than a slow suicide?