The End of Islam in Action~The Beginning of Logan’s Warning

No to IslamAs many of you have heard my blog “Islam in Action” and my computer were both hit by viruses. Here is how the story went.  About a month ago, my computer got hit with a virus that blocked me from going online. I called a technical support company and had them clean it out. At the same time a few readers of mine had said that they were getting some pop up on my site, saying it was an attack site out to steal info. That they needed to purchase and download some “anti-virus” software to protect their computer. The truth was that the down loadable software was a virus itself.

When I had my computer fixed up by the technician, I thought that the blog would be OK also. The weird part is that the popup was random, and I never even saw it once when I was on the site.  Approximately one month after I got rid of the virus, I got it again (yes, I had virus protection on) and that was it for the computer. A few days later, I was told that Blogger shut down my blog. They must of been alerted to the virus and then they shut me down without warning. It was strange that they did not just remove it or contact me to remove it. I am guessing that when made aware of the blog, they didn’t like the content. As Blogger is owned by leftist Google. I put in a request to reinstate it on Dec. 2. , and it has not yet been put back up and I doubt it ever will be.

The story gets even better. About a week before the site was taken down, I changed the logo and stated that was coming soon. What I did not realize was that my ownership of the domain name had recently expired. The reason that I did not know, was that I stopped using the email that I registered it under over a year ago. (Yes, I was a bit careless for not updating the info for the domain.) So right before the site was taken down, some obsessed freak Muslim actually went and bought my name and directed it to a pro-Islamic site. Today I checked the address again, and it was redirected to this anti-Christian picture. (WARING ADULT CONTENT)

I am not saying that the guy who stole my domain name is the same guy who attached the virus to my site, because I have no proof of that. But obviously what I am saying is getting under the skin of some Muslim weaklings, that did not even have the guts to come on my site and debate me about Islam. They didn’t because they know that they cannot refute the truth. So as we have seen time and time again, they have to try and silence the critics of Islam. Because in a forum of open ideas when the truth is spoken about Islam, it would be rejected by freedom loving people.

Lastly, I did a check on Google and it listed some of the sites that were sending out malware viruses. At least two of them are Iranian.


Yes, this network has hosted sites that have distributed malicious software in the past 90 days. We found 14 site(s), including, for example,,, that infected 42 other site(s), including, for example,,,

While my Muslim fan club might of though they would get me to quit, they are quite wrong. This is just a bump in a road and now I plan to speak out even more, radio included!

Thank you all for your continued support,


  • savvy

    I am sorry to hear about this Christopher. This is just another example of how Islam does not tolerate criticism or dissent of any kind. There might be a countless anti-Christian sites on the web, but when it comes to Islam, criticism is lethal.

    • ChristopherL

      Hi Savvy,
      Click on the words "anti-Christian site" within the article. That's OK, but criticizing Islam is not. It is the usual Islamic one-way street.

      Still have a lot of work to do here, but it is getting there.

  • bobbied

    Hi, zombietime is NOT an anti-christian site. Zombitime is a person or group who photo document the leftist/wako events in the SF Bay Area. If you go to you can view their archive. I have NO idea how they get these amazing pictures.

    • ChristopherL

      Hi Robert,
      I should of stated anti-Christian picture.

      • Bosun

        Al-Azhar Fatwa: Hacking U.S., Israeli Websites Is Permissible as Part of Electronic Jihad

        According to a report on, the Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee has issued a fatwa permitting the hacking of American and Israeli websites that harm Islam and Muslims, and also permitting damaging them, as part of "electronic jihad."

        • ChristopherL

          Well Al-Azhar is the highest Islamic center in the world. Basically it all comes down to that there are no rules when it comes to advancing Islam.

          • Bosun

            Yes, my friend…… So sad, but true…

            Besides Al-Qaeda, about every radical Muslim group that I know of has only one goal, to establish a global caliphate and submit to allah.

            لى جانب تنظيم القاعدة ، عن كل مجموعة اسلامية متطرفة وأنا أعلم أن من لديه هدف واحد فقط ، لإقامة الخلافة العالمية ، ويقدم إلى الله.

  • Stephen Gash

    Muslims are not interested in winning the argument because their argument is unwinnable.

    Keep up the good work. I'm sorry about Islaminaction, but at least you proved what Islam in action actually is, a filfthy cheating system.

    • ChristopherL

      Thank you sir, and good luck in this fight across the pond!

    • Bosun

      they are barking up the wrong tree.. :)

  • Bosun

    Chris, this is a sign of the times. MEMRI recently had a good articles regarding the rise in Muhammadans going cyberspace.

    We expect that Muhammadan cyber jihad will escalate.

  • Hungarian Crusader

    I knew something strange happened so next time there is a major malfunction e-mail me at my personal address and let me know what the mohammedians are doing and direct me to an emergency site if you have 1 available.

    • ChristopherL

      Sorry about HC, I'll do that if I have another problem. I still have to get used to the software here, please bare with me.

      Thanks for your support!

  • eloivsdiablo

    As the light cuts through the darkness and scatters the cockroaches to their hiding places, the evidence mounts against a creed of the imbecilic reactionary muslim. Their futile attempts to suppress truth is a testament to their mindless droning indoctrination.
    Welcome back…

    • ChristopherL

      Simply put, the truth is their enemy.

      Thanks diablo!

  • Bosun

    It is my sincere belief that if the United States withdrew every troop for the Middle East and south Asia, and, Israel surrendered every inch of land to the Palestinians and moved to Alaska or somewhere in the United States tomorrow, radical jihads would continue to wage jihad against Jews and Christians and bring it to our doorsteps.

    • ChristopherL

      That is more than your belief friend, that is fact. If those actions occurred they would be emboldened across the world. This war is forever.

    • idw

      Amen! The've been at it for 1400 Years. And Chris, Good your in operation again. I'm glad__Bosen said it because I thought it…..This is a__Cyber -Terrorist attack. Glad you survived it!!__

  • Bosun

    It (Jihad) will not be over until the western world submits, or, G_d decides that enough is enough with the radicalization of the Ishmaelites and intervenes.

    انها (الجهاد) ، لن يكون أكثر من العالم الغربي حتى يقدم ، أو ، G_d يقرر أن هذا يكفي للتطرف والاسماعيليين ، وتتدخل.

    • Bosun

      One of our mutual friends at the old forum reminded me today that he recalled watching a report from Pakistan back in the mid 80s. It was an interview at one of the Madrassas that had been the fountain from with sprang the Taliban. The Immam made it very clear that the entire world was the goal and that he was completely sure that in the end Islam would even conquer the US.

      • ChristopherL

        Like Hitler many of them do not hide their goals. Like with Hitler most people just do not want to face the believe the harsh reality of the situation.

        I am not sure why all the comments are going into moderation mode right now. Hopefully that will not happen much longer. Sorry about that.

        • Bosun

          Not to worry my friend. I am glad that you have a new site. And I count you as a friend….. Peace be with you, Chris. May you and your family be protected and granted safety…. May truth prevail.

          • ChristopherL

            Same to you and your family Bosun!

            Keep up the fight!

  • Ron

    One of my best nightmares is where I'm in a muslim country, lost, broke and scared, running from some mob with people cheering from windows and rooftops. It's a humbling dream. Makes me grateful not to have been born into that satanic crap.

    • ChristopherL

      Hi Ron,
      Wouldn't it be nice if so many of them did not bring that mentality into the West? Obviously that it too much to ask.

      Thanks for dropping by.

    • nadia

      being born in an islamic country does not mean that you will get killed because you are a christian, in fact thousands of tourists come to our country morocco to enjoy their times wihtin a much tolerant invirement
      i do agree that islam carries some nazi ideas but not all muslims do , in fact it seems hard to believe it, but believe me, most muslims cant understand how aggressive their religion might be, they dont practice religion the way it is in quoran, they were actually born muslims and as a tradition they stick to it but many of those dont actually practice it because practicing islam as well all the other religions is against human nature and actually against the law, it will only make a frightened or complicated person out of you or even a terrorist
      people here should understand that the enemie of civilisation is not islam alone, is religion itself, because its the reason behind hatred and terrorist, i spent years of my life acting as an atheist under the name of a muslim, muslims cant practice their religion for its impossible to do so, and those who provokate people to act violently are driven by their own political and sick benifits, just dont hate the other, fight religion and terrorists not religious normal people

      • admin


        Who won the latest election there?

        Do you want me to post links about Christians being persecuted there, or should we just end your game now?

  • Always_On_Watch

    Well, at least you're up and running again.

    As time goes on and Moslems and Islamophiles grow ever bolder, we'll see more blogs disappearing, IMO.

    A real war against freedom of speech!

  • Right Truth

    What a time you have had. Best of luck with this site and I hope the former troubles do not follow you. yes, we all know who was behind them…

    • ChristopherL

      Thanks RT, and keep up the good work yourself.

  • Bayoucoyote

    Never quit.

    islam cannot confront the truth. It is our primary weapon which they will always fall to, always.

    What more needs to be said about the death cult.

    The truth is our weapon of choice, all of the time.

    All the Best!!!

    • ChristopherL

      Truth is a disease to them and I, likeyourself will never quit.

      Thanks for the support!

  • Dinah Lord

    Glad you're back up and running, Christopher.

    Keep fighting, my friend!

  • Nachum

    As always, the truth wins out. You are still standing and gain more in popularity.

    • ChristopherL

      Hey Nachum,

      Thanks for the support!

  • Snarky Basterd

    Well, you're back. And this site looks great. So that's what counts.

  • Amerisrael

    Sorry to hear about all the virus trouble, keep up the good work. And btw, the new name
    "Logan's Warning" sounds good.

    • ChristopherL

      Thanks Amerisrael!

  • Tonto

    The way I look at it? Ruck up and drive on….and fuck the islamipukes!

  • Kimbal

    Please email me and I will give you a freebie that will help.

    I can help you a little for free against future virus attacks. As one soldier in the war for God and freedom to another!


    • ChristopherL

      Hi Kimbal,
      I will contact you in the morning.


  • vladtepesblog

    How do you know you are winning an argument with a Muslim?

    1. you are in one.

    2. They go from 80% caps to 100%

    • ChristopherL

      HI Vlad,
      Keep up your good work!

  • Research Canadian



    • ChristopherL

      I agree 100%.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • nadia

      war against who? what war? you mean the church against the mosque? the christian againts the muslim? you pretend that christian religion is not violent in fact all relgions are violent, what kind of war is fought inside a school? the war of the christian student against the muslim one? the only war people should fight in a school is against egnorance…living inside this world makes me desprate… this is civil war, man only makes excuses to wage war weather religious reasons or political ones, people love to kill eachother and destroy eachother because we are not civilised yet

      • admin

        Jesus did not go around killing, raping, and enslaving. Mohammad did. Islam is what is not civilized.

  • Edwas

    Hello, – da best. Keep it going!

    • ChristopherL

      Thanks Edwas, I'm just getting started!

  • jjacob

    all the best logan… god bless you

    • ChristopherL

      Thank you and the same to you and your family.

  • Insignia

    What you think about news – GOPers Hold ‘Prayercast’ to Ask God to Stop Health Reform ?
    Wanna hear your opinion

    • ChristopherL

      That is not a threat to anyone, but you are mostly likely here to spam anyway.

  • Nabil

    Hang there, my friend.
    You know that this could happen. The 'poor' Muslims are going out of their minds. That is why they become computer virus attackers, destroyers, terrorists and killers. What else can they do? Behave like humans, especially in the 21 st century??
    Islam will not allow them, and why now.

    But, thank God for the Internet. We WILL prevail, especially with people like you, who are determine and patriotic and above all a TRUE Christian.

    Happy new year, Christopher.

  • http://u josh

    hmmm pastor jones arrested for child pornography…..enough said!

    • admin

      It was a false report….enough said.