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Saturday Morning Cartoon Follies….

Well not quite, but I did receive the following email which is quite comical. This was one of 7 or 8 that my new YouTube “friend” sent to me. It could be a love connection! From Deenda:

“well i sure would prove what you say is wrong but the thing is you need a brain for that because it’s beyond your intelligence.
wether you’re religious or not what difference does it make when you have no religion at all.
you don’t even know what halal marriage is what nikah is and since you don’t understand it then there’s no point i waste my time with a inhumane like you. who’s sick or psycho? that, time will show you so i don’t have to.
you don’t even know who God is and where you actually come from and you’re talking about our prophet PBUH.
i don’t think you even know who your father is so to start with go and find out. trust me you’ll be shocked.

Muslim in America to Logan’s Warning: We WILL OVERTHROW the US Government!

As many of you know I engage in a lot of online conversations with Muslims. Basically most of them follow the same pattern. A Muslim is being deceptive to non-Muslims about Islam by only telling them only part of the story, or by flat out lying. (Their religion instructs them lie.) Then I expose their deception and lies. After that their response is to usually pull a Houdini and disappear from the conversation. But the conversation I had on YouTube with Jihadifanclub took a different turn.

YouTube: US Muslim Runs Jihadi Fan Club!

Surfing YouTube tonight, I found a page entitled “jihadifanclub”. The owner of the account claims to be a 28 year-old Muslim living in America. The page is decorated with the Sharia Zone posters, Anjem Choudary and his crew have put up in the UK.