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“Revolution Muslim” Leader Sentenced to Over 11 Years!

Praise Allah! Praise Allah for allowing one of his soldiers to rot in jail for the next 11 years! Finally the traitor to America Younus Abdullah Muhammed, has gotten what he deserves. Hey Yonus, do you remember when you posted one of my articles on your site word for word when I stated I wanted to end Muslim immigration? You were trying to summon more slaves of Allah to turn against me. Well guess what? I am still here free to continue to alert non-Muslims to the threat of Islam. Meanwhile you enjoy lock down. Hopefully they will put you in solitary confinement so you cannot encourage others to join your hate group.

Muslims set to Counter “Draw Mohammad Day”~ Video

Recently Muslims had made veiled threats, to the executive producers of the South Park comedy show, just because Mohammad was featured in one of their cartoons. After the veiled threats, Comedy Central cowardly censored the episode. A few days later, Seattle artist Molly Norris came up with the idea to start an “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!”. Like wildfire the idea spread across the Internet, but it was all was too much for Molly to handle. She quickly backed down as well.