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Muslims, why do you Defy Jesus?

If you follow the issue of Islam you most likely know that Muslims are selfishly praying on the streets of non-Islamic countries across the West. Examples can be seen in France, London, New York, and Russia.

Logan’s Warning Message to the Churches That Allow Muslims to Pray in Them

Recently I have posted numerous articles here about so called Christian leaders going against Christianity and allowing Muslims to pray in their Churches. My message to these Pastors and Reverends is that if you are so concerned with respecting Islam, then you should not be allowing Muslims to pray in your Church. As Islamic Law has strict guidelines against this.

NY~ Muslim Makes Sidewalk his Mosque!

Yesterday a friend and I spent the day walking in downtown Manhattan. We started out in Chinatown, then headed through a shrinking Little Italy and into SOHO. We were just enjoying the day and Islam was the furthest thing from our minds. That is until we turned the next corner and saw a Muslim man on his knees with his forehead planted on the floor. Praying in support of the religion/ideology that is hellbent on destroying us from within. By the time I could get my camera out all I could record was the very end of his prayer ritual.

NYC: Muslim Prayer Broadcast onto Streets~Videos

Last month I recorded the Islamic call to pray (adhan) being broadcast onto the streets from the Masjid At-Taqwa, located in Brooklyn. Yesterday I took it to the streets of Manhattan, and headed over to the Masjid ar-Rahman, located at 15 W29th St, for the 4:42 call to prayer. Muslims there took the Islamic encroachment one step further.

German Court Tells Muslim he Cannot Pray in School

While many of our so called “leaders”, are suffering from a severe case of Muslim Appeasement Delusional Disorder (MADD), a court in Germany has decided that a Muslim should not get special treatment. Facts show us that Muslims are changing non-Islamic countries to suit Islam. Common sense tells us that if we continue to cater to them, they will continue to ask for more. It is time that non-Muslims stop worrying about what “offends” Muslims, or their “special needs”. Take a stand for life as we know it, and shoot down Muslim demands. We owe it to our families future generations.

Muslim Group Claims Nevada Police Detained 7 Men for Praying

Muslims in Las Vegas are doing one of the things that Muslims have mastered, and that is playing the victim card. This might just be a setup to file a lawsuit, as the article states that the men were performing one of the five required daily prayers. But under Islamic Law, Muslims are allowed to delay a prayer while traveling.