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Muslim Visitor: Christopher Logan, you will die…

As most of you know I am just settling in after moving last week, so I have not been able to post much here or check my email. I should be finished with everything today, so I took some time to catch up on my emails. To my delight there were some lovely housewarming gifts left for me, by some new Muslim friends of mine. There is nothing better, than making new friends.

Muslim Threat on Logans Warning: Christians Your Time has Come

Here is another example of interfaith dialogue with Muslims, Logans Warning style. This threat is coming from Pakistan. Our so called “ally”

ABUBAKAR KHAN GURMANI 2010/07/02 at 10:15 am

you christians have no humanity. have u forgotten the time when we muslims conquered you people in history and did the mercy whom u can never show.
we muslims has always battle and ruling ethics and u ……….????

Another day, Another Islamic Threat on Logans Warning~ YAWN

Just four days ago a vicious threat was posted on my site, which I reposted in an article entitled “Islamic Terror Threat Left on Logans Warning!”. The threat was from Pakistan, and tonight this message of “peace” was left in the “Pakistan: Muslims Take to the Streets Against Facebook~ Videos” post. Each threat will only make me speak out more, keep them coming…

Pakistan: Christian Gets Life for “Desecrating” Koran

I am not exactly sure which section to file this one under. Should it go in the Islam is “tolerant” section, the “moderate” Islam is coming to the rescue section, or the Pakistan is a great “ally” of ours section? Anyway, we continue to see Christians being persecuted in the Islamic world, without any condemnation from our government. Whose side are they on anyway?

NYC: Jew hater, Lady al Qaeda: Guilty of Attempted Murder!~ Video

Dr Aafia Siddiqui aka lady al Qaeda, who requested that no Jews be on her jury, has been found guilty of attempted murder. The NYC leftists and Muslims who turned out in support for her, must be an emotional wreck today. What a shame.

What I found most interesting about this video, is that the Pakistani government put up $2 million dollars for her defense. So first of all we need to realize that they are no ally of ours. Secondly, if they can spend that kind of money on her, why are we giving them any aid? Not only should we be ending Muslim immigration, we should also be ending US aid to Islamic countries. Since Islam is so great, let them fend for themselves.

India Kashmir: Muslims Enraged, 20 Hurt

From Africa, to America, to Europe, to the Far East, to the Middle East, we see the threat of Islam getting worse, and Muslims causing major problems for non-Muslims. This is a worldwide war, and non-Muslims need to stop bickering and unite against this common enemy, before it is too late.