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Queens NY Library Promotes an Islamic Fantasy

Yesterday I met with a reader of Logan’s Warning who resides in Queens NY. Unfortunately what he had to show me was not good news. It was more of NY rolling out the red carpet of Islam. At lunch he handed me the latest piece of fictional literature.

NY Public Library/ Coexist Foundation Spreading Misinformation & False Hope

Last night I decided to forget about the rain, and headed over to the NY Public Library to check out the “Three Faiths” exhibit. I went there to see how much misinformation they were putting out to the public. The idea behind the exhibit was to show the commonalities between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The problem is that Islam is at war with us, and the differences in the religions are what needs to be known. Covering for Islam is not only irresponsible, it is detrimental to the country. When I walked in this is what I first saw. (Unfortunately they would not allow any pictures to be taken.)