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UK: Muslim Women who Refused to Take ‘naked’ Full-Body Scan are Barred From Flight

Well we are on a roll today my friends, earlier I posted about Abercrombie & Fitch showing some spine and fired a Muslim worker for wearing a hijab. Now we shift over to our friends in the UK who gave two Muslim passengers the boot from flying for not complying with the rules that everyone else has to. The message to Muslims that their religion will not come before our rules has to continue.

Harassment Across Arab World Drives Women Inside

More and more I see Western women converting to Islam. They are conned into believing that women are treated well in Islam. Now I am not saying that the sexual harassment mentioned in this article is part of Islam, but it shows us the basic diminishing attitude towards women that many Muslim men and Islam have. Here is one example of the mistreatment of women in Islam.