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Are the “Radical Muslims” Following a Basic or an Extreme Version of Islam?

Here is another one from our friend, Pastor Louis Palme.

Are the Radical Muslims Following a Basic or an Extreme Version of Islam?
By Louis Palme @ Annaqed.

Not long ago President Obama was interviewed about Africa. When asked about opinions attributing radical Islam’s impact on the development and stability on the African continent, Obama called Islam “a great religion,” but added that the radical version views as anti-Islam “any efforts to modernize, any efforts to provide basic human rights, any efforts to democratize.” (Emphasis added.)

What would Jesus Do? and What Would Muhammad Do?

As I search the Internet for articles about Islam, I also read some of the comment sections. Of course there are always people leaving comments, in an attempt to get us to back off. One that I frequently see is “What would Jesus do”. This is nothing more than an attempt to try to get us to turn the other cheek, and ignore the threat of Islam. Please do not fall for it. The other day a wrote to my friend Church Elder Louis Palme, who pulls no punches when it comes to Islam. Here is his response.