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Turning the Tables on MPAC and Muslim Attorney Wajahat Ali….

Last week the insidious Islamic organization, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MAPC), once again used the freedoms of America against America, and held a teleconference on “Islamophobobia”. Muslims use the term “Islamophobia” as an attack tactic in an attempt to bully those who criticize Islam. What MPAC and other insidious Islamic organizations like CAIR do not tell you is that the term was born in Iran back in 1979 following the Islamic Revolution.

Chicago: Islamic Org Attempts to Curtail Liquor Sales

The day before yesterday, I posted a 16 point plan by The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. The plan is an attempt to silence the critics of Islam by scaring us off by using the term “Islamophobia”. Today we learn of another one of their plans. The one in which they want to try to severely curtail liquor sales in Chicago. Of course they do not care what non-Muslims want.