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Russia: New Video Threat of More Islamic Homicide Bombers

In this video update to the recent Islamic homicide attacks in Russia, Shamsuddin Botokayov,the Caucasus Emirate representative states that Russia needs to stay out of their Islamic land, or the attacks will continue. It is just a matter of time before Muslims in countries like the UK, and US call for their own Islamic state within our borders. As with the situation with India vs. Pakistan, Islam continues to divide.

Russia: Nine More Dead in Islamic Homicide Attacks

These Islamic attacks in Russia have come just days after dozens were killed by homicide bombers. Russia let Chechnya govern themselves, but of course Muslims are never satisfied. It is time for Mr. Putin to take the gloves off, and give the Islamic community a reason to play the victim card.

Russia: Islamic Homicide Bombers Kill 38

Earlier last year Russia announced that they were ending their counter terrorism operation, and were pulling their troops out of Chechnya. They had allowed Chechnya to govern under self rule with the brutal Ramzan Kadyrov running the show. This was supposed to bring in peace, but as see across the world, there will be no peace with the religion of war.