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Dallas: Muslim Students Look to Unite Against Israel

As each day passes, we see the threat of Islam in America growing more and more. From Islamic expansionism in downtown Manhattan, to Muslims suing the state of Oklahoma in favor of Islamic Law, to Muslim organizations in America teaching Muslims how to live by Islamic Law. Unfortunately even Muslim kids are spreading the hatred that stems from Islam, across our great country.

Seattle Imam Calls for Muslims to Live by the Koran

I know this is no surprise to those who regularly follow this site, but once again we see that Islamic enemies reside within our great country. If Muslims are to live by the Koran, then they are to live a life that is not supported by American laws, or values. It is time for non-Muslims to face Islam for what it is, the anti-thesis of America. Seattle Imam Abdul Kadir Mohamed, is taking part in an upcoming online event that is calling for the revival of the Koran. The times of the event they give in the video are for America, Australia, the UK, and India. If you notice they are all non-Islamic countries. Are they looking to takeover from within?

The Fight Against Islamic Expansionism Continues!

Although I was offline for about a week because of another cyberattack, I have come back to some very good news. Recently we have read about non-Muslims in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Tennessee, taking a stand against Islamic expansionism.

Today we learn that more of us have joined the fight. One new battle that has started is taking place in New Hyde Park Long Island, where Muslims of the Hillside Islamic Center are showing no respect for the residents in the area.

Dayton Ohio: Islam on the Rise!

The other day on another forum I made the following statement.

Unfortunately most non-Muslims do not understand the war that is being waged upon us. Muslims cannot defeat us militarily, so their plan is to slowly takeover from within, by using our freedoms against us. Using the freedom of immigration, by exploiting the weakness created by the politically correct disease, and by exploiting the huge mistake of granting Islam religion status.

Atlanta Mosque Promoting Sharia

As I do my research on Mosques in America, I have noticed that one very important thing is missing. I have not found even one that has spoken out against Sharia Law. But I do continually find US Mosques that are promoting it. Masjid Al-Quran is the latest find, and they are located at located at 500 McDonough Blvd Atlanta, GA 30315. They can be contacted at 404.256.5913 or info@masjidalquranatlanta.org. Sharia is what the enemy wants, so how are we supposed to win a war by letting it advance here in America? Bush was uniformed on Islam, and Obama is pro-Islamic. Him and his crew are purposely destroying America as we know it. Obviously we need new leaders.

Birmingham Islamic Society: We Teach and Govern our Mosque by Sharia

Yesterday I posted about the Sharia “college” that is set to open in California, now today we go back to Sharia Mosques in America. The Birmingham Islamic Society located at 2524 Hackberry Lane Hoover, AL 35226 is not only teaching Sharia law, they are admittedly governing their Mosque by it. (For those new to the subject, Muslims believe Sharia (Islamic Law) is for all. Which means they want Sharia to govern more than the Mosque, much more.)