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NYC: Muslim Wants no Jews on Jury

Lady Al-Qaeda Aafia Siddiqui, a straight out Jew hater is at it again. In the past she demanded that she be able to meet with Obama for the purpose of making peace with the Taliban, today her new demand is to have no Jews on her jury. Maybe she will be accommodated in the name of “tolerance and understanding”.

Yemen to Open Talks With al Qaida

It is not even been two weeks since Obama and the UK’s Gordon Brown agreed to fund Yemen in the War on Terror. Now Yemen has returned back to their old policy of freeing al Qaida members, if they renounce terrorism. This is nothing more than a game to get US aid, and we fall for it over and over. Good work O!

Al-Qaeda Camp in ‘Sahara Emirate’~ Video

Recently we have learned that Al Qaeda has become a real threat in Yemen, and now this video shows us an Al Qaeda offshoot that roams near the borders of Algeria, Mauritania, Mali and Morocco. Unfortunately things are getting worse across the world, and we have to realize that this war is forever. That is why we need to get out of the “moderate” Muslims are coming to the rescue fantasy and end all Muslim immigration.

From Baptist to Al Qaeda~ Video

Yesterday I posted an article entitled “Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists: “We have extremists in both our faiths,”. In the article Bruce Prescott, executive director of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists, basically stated that things with Christianity and Islam were the same. Well then why didn’t Omar Hammam just stay a Baptist, instead of joining Al Qaeda? Hmmmm………..Mr. Prescott?