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Muslim Yelling “Allah is Great” Tackled on US Plane! ~ Video

As we can see Muslims in America are getting more and more brazen. At the same time, more and more non-Muslims are willing to step up to the plate and take a swing at Islam! My message to Muslims in America is, you keep pushing and the backlash you will face will be even too much for your Allah to handle. All within the law, of course!

British Airways Employee Supplied Info for Terror Plots

Not only does this article remind us of the never-ending threat of Islamic terrorism, it also shows us how Muslims infiltrate positions in which they can use the information given to them against us. Muslims working for the airlines, bad idea. Muslims in the government, bad idea. Muslims in the military, bad idea…..

UK: Muslim Women who Refused to Take ‘naked’ Full-Body Scan are Barred From Flight

Well we are on a roll today my friends, earlier I posted about Abercrombie & Fitch showing some spine and fired a Muslim worker for wearing a hijab. Now we shift over to our friends in the UK who gave two Muslim passengers the boot from flying for not complying with the rules that everyone else has to. The message to Muslims that their religion will not come before our rules has to continue.

CAIR Writes Letter to Obama Against new Airport Security Measures

Back in mid-December the Council on America Relations (CAIR), admitted that hate crimes against Muslims were on the decline. Apparently they have forgotten that they made this statement, and have now said that the hate crimes are on the rise. They have flip flopped in their effort to shoot down our new airport security measures. Anything to destroy America.