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Muslim Applauds 911, Death of US Soldiers, Then Drops Threat!

It is clear that more people are speaking out against Islam, it is also clear that more and more Muslims, are not hiding their true hateful feelings towards non-Muslims. Today another “friendly” Muslim, dropped by my site and left this comment. There is not going to be any middle ground, it will be our way of life or Sharia. It is time to fight back. (All within the law, of course.)

New Vote: Ground Zero Mega-Mosque Gets Approved 29-1!

In a past article about the Ground Zero mega-Mosque, board chair Julie Menin had made the following statement.

“this will be overturned by the full board” later this month.

Unfortunately she was wrong, and it was approved almost unanimously. The non-violent aspect of jihad, is even more dangerous than potential suicide bombers. Besides this punch in the face to NYC, lets not forget the second Ground Zero Mosque that is also being built. It is called ideological warfare, my friends. We need to pickup the pace on our side.

Plans for 2nd Ground Zero Mosque in Advanced Stages

Trying to build a 100,000 square foot, mega-Mosque at Ground Zero is not enough for Muslims. They want the presence of Islam felt all around us, and they do not care if we like it or not. Freedom of religion with Islam = freedom for them to takeover. After the Barbary Coast Wars, it should of been banned. Now the enemy is within.

Ground Zero Community Board Ready to bow to Anti-Mosque Uprising?

Unless you have been unconscious for the past week or so, you probably know about the storm brewing over a Ground Zero mega-Mosque, getting community board approval. Since that day, there has been an uprising against the Mosque, and it appears that the pressure is already getting to the board. At this point I encourage all that are in the NY area, to please join Pamela Geller at the May 25Th Mosque Community Board Meeting. This is either going to be a great victory for us, or them. Lets make it us!

Dearborn Student: Shirts Were Pro-911

Here is another update to the “Dearborn Students Wear Shirts Glorifying 911”, story. In this one a student admitted that the shirts were made because they did not like the way Arab-Americans were being portrayed on the news after the attempted Christmas day attack on a US plane. Which of course was done by a Muslim. So these shirts were in support of Muslim terrorists and the eagle was taking down the towers. Like I said, these kids knew what they were doing from the get go.

Update to: Dearborn Students Wear Shirts Glorifying 911

Besides what is mentioned in the article below, I called this school today. I asked them if the students were at least suspended for their atrocious behavior. They asked if I was a parent of a student at the school. When I responded no, the woman said that she could not disclose that information. She asked that if I was a parent of one of the students would I want that information made public? I responded that since the issue made the public, and do to the serious nature of the issue and the worldwide threat of Islamic terrorism, the public does have a right to know. She then hung up. I bet that it is safe to say that she did not want to hear a word about Islam. Unfortunately far too many people wish to remain purposely blind to this threat.