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Staten Island: Church Reverses Course and Says no to Mosque Sale!

Yes we can, yes we can…..no I am not Obama, I mean well. But I am saying yes we can in regards to non-Muslims, defeating the Islamic movement in the West. As of now we do not have enough of the right politicians in office, that will fight this fight for us. All we have is each other, so we need to put aside our differences, and stand together against Islam. If not our families future generations, will suffer under Islamic rule. This is a very encouraging victory, great work infidels!

Staten Island Church Reconsiders Mosque Deal!

It has been a long and rocky road in regards to the war with Islam, but this article shows us that the country is slowly waking up. As in the UK, non-Muslims are protesting proposed Mosques and getting positive results. One thing that our politicians should be looking into, is where is the funding for all of these proposed Mosques coming from? No foreign countries should be allowed to fund houses of worship here, or influence what is taught in our universities. A country like Saudi Arabia which does not have our best interests at heart, has far too much influence in America. In order to save America as we know it things must change, and I do not mean Obama “change”.

Staten Island: Church Sells out, Convent to Become a Mosque

The Mosque movement across America continues. Recently Muslims are trying to put up two at Ground Zero, and just days ago they scored a victory in Wisconsin. When it comes to Islam, our freedoms hurt us, and Christians selling out to a religion that calls for the ultimate destruction of Christianity, is inexcusable in my book.