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Logan to Zuhdi Jasser: Go Perform Next Hajj….October 24 – October 27, 2012

Besides misleading Americans into believing “moderate” Muslims are coming to the rescue, Zudhi Jasser also wants our country to intervene in Syria. A move that would obviously cost us millions if not billions of dollars we do not have. Jasser does not care about that though, as he frequently Tweets about his homeland Syria. Hopefully the killing going on there will stop, but it’s a Muslim issue. Let Muslims work it out. America already tried nation building with Muslims. It doesn’t work.

Logan’s Warning Exclusive: Islam Strikes Through the Free Market Jihad AGAIN

Just two months ago I reported about the Pakistan Post being distributed for free across Brooklyn, Queens, and NYC. While it seemed like a benign report to some it was not as the paper helps promote Islam, and it is also where we learned about Muslims renting out NY’s Nassau Coliseum for a MEGA Interfaith con. Now we learn that there is another pro-Islamic publication being distributed for free. It is the Urdu Times. The website of the Urdu Times paper is not complete, but apparently it’s publication has spread across the pond.