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Muslims Strike Back: “Everybody draw Holocaust day” (30 June 2010)

Like A bunch of bratty children, Muslims have to strike back, and have started an “Everybody draw Holocaust day” Facebook page. What they fail to understand is that if they were not threatening us, that “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” never would have happened. They just do not know when to stop pushing. The bottom line is that, multiculturalism with Islam does not work, and we are on a collision course with Muslims. Muslim immigration was one of the biggest mistakes, the West has ever made.

NY Muslims Hate Filled Reaction To Draw Mohammad Day~ Video

Muslims keep implying that Islam is so strong, yet they continue to be “offended”, by freedom of speech and expression. If Allah is so strong, he should be able to take it. This is from the NY based RevolutionMuslim.com group, which is the group that ignited the South Park controversy storm. Their message of hate continues, and this pro-911 video, is as hateful as they come. We are all on their hit list.

Muslims set to Counter “Draw Mohammad Day”~ Video

Recently Muslims had made veiled threats, to the executive producers of the South Park comedy show, just because Mohammad was featured in one of their cartoons. After the veiled threats, Comedy Central cowardly censored the episode. A few days later, Seattle artist Molly Norris came up with the idea to start an “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!”. Like wildfire the idea spread across the Internet, but it was all was too much for Molly to handle. She quickly backed down as well.