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United States Department of Jihad!

In an unprecedented move ushered in by executive order, “President” Obama has created a new branch of government. It is also now America’s most powerful governmental branch, entitled the “United States Department of Jihad”. Which is a combination of the Presidential Cabinet, the Department of Justice, and Homeland Security. The leaders of this new Islam defending anti-American agency are the following:

Eric Holder: The Ugliest of Things

Can Attorney General Eric Holder rightly be called “the ugliest of things”? Without any doubt, Holder has proven to epitomize “the ugliest of things” as coined by esteemed philosopher John Stuart Mill. Mill speaks of a “degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling” as being “the ugliest of things”. Such ugliness is not about one’s personal appearance, rather, it refers to a defective and dubious character which causes one to abandon and scorn the sacred duty of protecting one’s nation. The brilliant words of John Stuart Mill are prophetic in describing Holder and his ilk nearly 150 years before these insidious trials were proposed, as paraphrased below.