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Islam 101: Islam “respects” Other Religions

As the regular non-Muslims who post here know, Muslims continually visit this site in an attempt to whitewash Islam. One of their favorite lines is that Islam respects other religions. The Muslims who say this supply us with nothing more than their word, which means nothing. Because the Islamic scriptures show us just how much Islam respects other religions.

Islam and What it Means to Christians

Fighting Islam is not about religion to me, it is about preserving the freedoms of Western Civilization for our families future generations. In order to win this war, we are going to need to have a louder voice than Muslims. Although they are a minority here, they are very vocal and also have the support of many non-Muslims. Including Churches in America that actively support Islam, no matter what Muslims do.

To Those who are Outraged at Burn a Koran Day

I can understand people not agreeing with the upcoming “Burn a Koran Day”. But the whole thing has really been blown out of proportion, and people need to stop acting like this is some world crisis. Two of the most recognized people who have spoken out against this day are General Petraeus, and Hillary Clinton. What I want to know is where was their outrage when the US Army burned Bibles?

Staten Island: Church Reverses Course and Says no to Mosque Sale!

Yes we can, yes we can…..no I am not Obama, I mean well. But I am saying yes we can in regards to non-Muslims, defeating the Islamic movement in the West. As of now we do not have enough of the right politicians in office, that will fight this fight for us. All we have is each other, so we need to put aside our differences, and stand together against Islam. If not our families future generations, will suffer under Islamic rule. This is a very encouraging victory, great work infidels!

Calvary Baptist Church: We do not Want Islam Spreading Here

In the past I had stated that the war with Islam cannot be won in America without a large Christian movement. When I say this, I do not mean that everyone has to convert to Christianity. I mean that most of the country considers themselves Christians, so they have the numbers that are needed to pressure our politicians to take action. While I wish the opposition to Islam in America would have started along time ago, it is better late than never. Now it is time for all non-Muslims to put aside their differences, and unite against Islam. If we lose this war, nothing else will matter.

US Government Ignores the Plight of Iraqi Christians

The US government is clearly doing just about everything they can to lose this war, and help advance Islam. Back in January the The United States Treasury had taken all but one member of Hamas off the international list of terrorists. The reason for this was to enable EU funding for Gaza, which is run by Hamas. January is also the month that the State Department decided, to allow Tariq Ramadan into the country. In his first US speech he stated that “It’s time not to speak about integrating (Muslims)…”

Pakistan: Christian Gets Life for “Desecrating” Koran

I am not exactly sure which section to file this one under. Should it go in the Islam is “tolerant” section, the “moderate” Islam is coming to the rescue section, or the Pakistan is a great “ally” of ours section? Anyway, we continue to see Christians being persecuted in the Islamic world, without any condemnation from our government. Whose side are they on anyway?