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Germany to Accept Islam as an Official Religion?!

Recently anti-Islamic political parties have been forming in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel told Muslims in her country, they cannot live by Sharia, Germany’s Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich went after Islam on his first day on the job, and Germany has even applied Anti-Nazi laws on two non-violent pro-Sharia Islamic groups. So why would they want to go down the road of possibly recognizing Islam as an official religion? Don’t recognize it, fight it!

Germany Applies Anti-Nazi Laws on Two Non-Violent Pro-Sharia Islamic Groups!

Well, it’s about time that a non-Muslim country gets it right. I tip my hat to Germany for overcoming the politically correct disease, and doing what is necessary to protect Western Civilization. Back in October Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, stated that Muslims cannot live by Sharia in Germany. At the time I remember several people on numerous sites, saying it was just talk. Considering the fact that the West has more than its share of weak leaders, I didn’t blame them for thinking that. But thankfully, she has proven them wrong.