US Suspect in Pakistan Defends ‘jihad’ Plans

For years I could remember Islamic apologists practically swearing to me, that American Muslims were different than Muslims anywhere else. If that is so, then why do we see more and more of them joining the jihad? Please wake up guys, the problem exists across the world, America included.

US suspect in Pakistan defends ‘jihad’ plans

SARGODHA, Pakistan – One of five Americans detained in Pakistan said their aim was to go to Afghanistan to wage jihad against Western forces, defending their intention as justified under Islam.

But he denied any links to al-Qaida or plans to carry out terrorist attacks in Pakistan, as alleged by Pakistani authorities.

Monday was the first time the young Muslims from the Washington, D.C., area have addressed a court after being arrested in early December in the eastern Pakistani city of Sargodha. The case has spurred fears that Westerners are traveling to Pakistan to join militant groups. Pakistani police have said they plan to seek life sentences for the men under the country’s anti-terrorism law.

“We are not terrorists,” one of the men, Ramy Zamzam, told The Associated Press as he entered a courtroom in Sargodha on Monday.

“We are jihadists, and jihad is not terrorism,” he said.

Jihad has several different meanings in Islam, but Zamzam seemed to be referring to the duty to fight against foreign forces viewed as occupying a Muslim country.

The men, aged 19 to 25, denied they had ties with al-Qaida or other militant groups during a court appearance Monday in Sargodha, said their attorney, Ameer Abdullah Rokri.

“They told the court that they did not have any plan to carry out any terrorist act inside or outside Pakistan,” said Rokri. “They said that they only intended to travel to Afghanistan to help their Muslim brothers who are in trouble, who are bleeding and who are being victimized by Western forces.”

From Baptist to Al Qaeda~ Video

Yesterday I posted an article entitled “Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists: “We have extremists in both our faiths,”. In the article Bruce Prescott, executive director of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists, basically stated that things with Christianity and Islam were the same. Well then why didn’t Omar Hammam just stay a Baptist, instead of joining Al Qaeda? Hmmmm………..Mr. Prescott?

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace.

Fanatic convert to terrorism spent year in Toronto

One of the most visible leaders of an Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist militia in Somalia spent a year in Toronto ingratiating himself into the Somali immigrant community as a convert to Islam.

Omar Hammami – known to followers as Abu Mansour “Al-Amriki” (the American) – ate at Somali restaurants and prayed in Somali mosques. He married a Toronto woman of Somali origin and had a daughter with her.

Then, after learning Somali ways, he left to join the Horn of Africa’s top terror group, Al-Shabab, to wage Islamic jihad and recruit other foreign nationals to the cause, say former friends and relatives speaking publicly of the terrorist’s Toronto connections for the first time.

“He betrayed us,” says a former friend who worked with Hammami at a Weston Rd. pizzeria. “For a man to be saying that, Islamically, it is okay to be killing innocent people – and yesterday you fed him bread and welcomed him into your houses – it kind of shatters you.”

Five ethnic Somali men disappeared from Scarborough this fall, all friends believed recruited into Al-Shabab. Three are said by family associates to have since phoned home from Somalia. No direct connection to Hammami is known but in the Somali community his Internet postings are notorious.

On a 2008 recruitment video, referring to one of his dead fighters, Hammami says, “We need more like him.

“So if you can encourage more of your children and more of your neighbours, anyone around, to send people like him to this jihad, it would be a great asset for us.”

SNIP~Watch Omar in a firefight with the Ethiopians.

Omar Hammami is 25 years old. He grew up in Daphne, Ala., just outside Mobile.

His mother is Baptist by religion. His father is Shafik Hammami, a Syrian-born engineer with the Alabama transportation department and president of the Islamic Society of Mobile. Reached by phone last week, he refused comment.

Although Hammami grew up Baptist, he converted to Islam in the late 1990s while attending Daphne High School.

“He had tons of friends,” fellow student Shellie Brooks told Fox News four months ago, “and of course things changed a bit when he converted because his beliefs changed.”

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Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists: “We have extremists in both our faiths,”

Of course everyone reading must know that they are talking about Islam and Christianity. The article then goes on to mention Timothy McVeigh, whose terrorist act was not inspired by his religion. More Christians need to start doing their own research and educate themselves to the fact that Islam is a religion of war, and Muslims are encouraged to lie to defend it. Christians involved in interfaith talks with Muslims also need to ask themselves one question. Where is the major Muslim movement against the persecution of Christians across the Islamic world? Don’t be fooled.

Muslim-Baptist Friendship in US Movie & Newspapers

CAIRO — Showing off commonalities between American Muslims and their non-Muslim compatriots, a US documentary is exploring into the Muslim-Christian friendship in America.

“We hope the documentary provides positive narratives for relationships between Baptists and Muslims, narratives that begin to challenge the negative narratives that dominate American culture,” Robert Parham, head of the Baptist Center for Ethics, told the Tennessean Saturday, January 2.

The hour-long documentary, “Different Books, Common Word”, features five friendships between Muslims and Baptists across the US.

It showcases how Muslims come to the help of non-Muslims in crises, providing aid and shelters for hurricane victims.

The movie also highlights how Christians rush to help and show solidarity with Muslim neighbors after their mosque were burned by White supremacists in 2008.

The documentary further features American Muslims as compatriot people who also have a sense of humor.

“We’re working together to try to get people to see we have more commonalities than differences,” said Orhan Osman, executive director of Institute of Interfaith Dialogue in Oklahoma City.

“We want to help people to understand both faiths and make new friendships.”

The documentary, produced by, an affiliate to Baptist Center for Ethics, is part of a series of movies meant to reconcile spiritual and political conflict.

The film will be aired by the ABC affiliate TV stations this month and in February.

Peaceful Faith

The movie aims to show that all religions are against violence.

“We have extremists in both our faiths,” said Bruce Prescott, executive director of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists.

Timothy McVeigh, a US Army veteran and security guard, was convicted of bombing the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, killing 168 people.

A 23-year-old Nigerian was arrested last week after trying to blow up a trans-Atlantic plane over Detroit.

“We need to do all we can to convey that individual extremists are just that — individual extremists,” said Prescott.

He voiced hope that the documentary will help shed light on the problems that result when people stereotype others because of their faith.

“We’re just trying to find some common ground to promote peace.”

American Muslims, estimated at between six to seven million, have been in the eye of storm since the 9/11 attacks.

They have become sensitized to an erosion of their civil rights and took the brunt of the Patriotic Act and other anti-terror laws.

Mr. Prescott, it is not Christians that we see continually getting locked up here for terrorism related charges, it is Muslims. It is time to wake up, grow a spine, and call for an end of Muslim immigration. It is the Trojan Horse.

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O.C. Islamic Educational Center a Target of Anti-Muslim Acts

To be honest actions like this only hurt non-Muslims in this war. Now CAIR will complain more, and our authorities will be even more afraid to confront the Islamic community. We need to continue educating our fellow Americans to this threat, until we have the numbers to force our politicians to take a stand. Short term thinking like this vandalism is not the answer.

O.C. Islamic Educational Center a target of anti-Muslim acts

Costa Mesa police step up patrols after incidents at the center, including the burning of two copies of the Koran. The Muslim part of an interfaith display in Mission Viejo was defaced, a group says.

By Kim Christensen
January 3, 2010

Costa Mesa police have stepped up patrols near the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County, the target of recent anti-Islamic acts including vandalism, hate mail and the burning of two copies of the Koran.

Vandals also recently defaced part of an outdoor interfaith holiday display in Mission Viejo, according to the Los Angeles office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which denounced both acts as “incidents of anti-Islam hate targeting the local Muslim community.”

The two incidents are thought to be unrelated but appear to be part of a recent uptick in anti-Muslim acts nationally, especially since the attempted terrorist bombing of a jetliner headed to Detroit on Christmas, council spokeswoman Munira Syeda said Saturday.

A burned and torn copy of the Koran was found in the parking lot at the educational center, on Airport Loop Drive, during Friday prayers. It was the second time in a month that a desecrated Koran had been found there, according to a statement on the Costa Mesa mosque’s website.

“This deplorable incident is a form of anti-Islamic assault, hate crime and terror campaign against American Muslims,” it read. “Even more, it is a great offense against 1.2 billion Muslim followers worldwide because it defiles their holiest and most sacred divine book.”

Costa Mesa Police Sgt. Ed Everett said that his department has increased patrols in the area but that no arrests have been made.

In the Mission Viejo incident, vandals defaced the Islamic portion of the holiday display but left nearby Christian components untouched. They painted over a verse from the Koran and left behind a piece of paper reading “No Islamic Lighthouses in the U.S.A.”

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US: Muslim With Rocket Launcher and Jihadist Writings Walks Free!

Didn’t our so called authoritiy figures recently ignore the warning signs of a Muslim named Hasan at Fort Hood, and another Muslim who boarded a Christmas Day plane? Will they ever smarten up?

The System Works
By Dave Macy

We live in an age when a rumor, a false report, or an outright lie can travel around the world in minutes. But the truth, well that takes a bit longer and must overcome many obstacles. Remember the death of Rush Limbaugh on Christmas Day that had liberals popping corks before the truth caught up?

Here’s a story that will probably disappear from sight due to the holiday weekend and to the incompetence of Homeland Security that is a model of political correctness.

Police in Houston go to an apartment to break up a disturbance and find a rocket launcher! The landlady didn’t want to cooperate with the police but did tell them that the rocket launcher belonged to Nabilaye I. Yansane, someone whom she allowed to store items at her apartment.

Now let’s not jump to conclusions just because Yansane has an Arabic name BUT—-According to court documents, officers also found Jihadist writings that allegedly belonged to Yansane. KPRC TV reports that Yansane was charged with criminal trespassing and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to three days in jail, which he has already served. No charges related to the rocket launcher or writings were filed. Houston police said they did a thorough investigation and did not find any ties to terrorists or a terrorist network. That’s it? Jihadist writings and a rocket launcher and three days in the clink? It’s no wonder Janet Napolitano and the rest of the Big zero administration is so quick to call gray what is obviously black and white. No FBI follow up? No laws broken so no big deal?

So the system works America, have no fear. The system that allows passengers without baggage on a plane with the aid of a second terrorist who happens to be on a watch list AND his own father alerted our government about his son being aligned with radical Muslims. But it’s Bush’s fault.

There is a scene from the movie AIRPLANE II that satirically mirrors what is going on with Homeland Security. A group of Muslim (Jihadists) armed with guns and rocket launchers walk right through security as the Rent-A-Security Cop makes a guy remove all his artificial limbs.

But the system works America. Our fearless but clueless leader after three days of surf and turf has finally ‘cleared the decks’ and is now fully attentive to the growing threat. Just don’t say we’re at war with TERROR. That might imply Islam. After all, the religion of peace which preaches death to all infidels was Barry’s training ground for his formative years.

Britain, US to Fund Yemen Anti-terror Police Unit

Less than two weeks ago, Obama ordered the Navy to fire missiles into Yemen at suspected Al Qaida targets. Now we can add Yemen to the list Islamic countries that we are funding in this so called war on terror. Others being  Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. Not only are things getting worse across the world, but part of Bin Laden’s plan was to break us financially and he is succeeding in that wish. What our leaders fail to understand is that this war is forever and if we do not end Muslim immigration, it is just a matter of time until we lose. As they will never stop pushing.

Britain, US to fund Ye men anti-terror police unit

LONDON – The British government said Sunday that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Barack Obama had agreed to fund a counterterrorism police unit in Yemen to tackle the rising terrorist threat from the country.

Brown’s Downing Street Office said the U.K. and the U.S. had also agreed to increase support for Yemen’s coast guard operation. Pirates operating in the waters between Somalia and Yemen have seized four ships in the last week.

Downing Street said Brown and Obama will push the U.N. Security Council to create a larger peacekeeping force for Somalia.

The British government unveiled its plans in the wake of the thwarted Christmas Day bombing of a passenger plane bound for Detroit.

Brown called last week for a high-level international meeting later this month to devise ways to counter radicalization in Yemen. He said an international approach is needed to combat the increasing influence of al-Qaida in Yemen. The terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the failed attack.

Downing Street said the government of Yemen had been consulted over the decision to boost the country’s coast guard and police operations.

The White House had no immediate comment on the specific joint police unit but broadly said Washington stood ready to work with allies to fight extremism. An official in Obama’s government welcomed Brown’s move earlier to lead an international conference on Jan. 28 to devise ways to counter radicalization in the country, the poorest in the Arab world.

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