Russia: Nine More Dead in Islamic Homicide Attacks

These Islamic attacks in Russia have come just days after dozens were killed by homicide bombers. Russia let Chechnya govern themselves, but of course Muslims are never satisfied. It is time for Mr. Putin to take the gloves off, and give the Islamic community a reason to play the victim card.

Suicide bomber caused 2nd blast in Russia’s Dagestan

A suicide bomber dressed as policeman is responsible for one of the blasts in Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Dagestan, local police and investigators said on Wednesday.

At least nine people including the local police chief were killed and six others were injured in two explosions in the town of Kizlyar on Wednesday morning.

An investigator told RIA Novosti that the suicide bomber struck as a team of investigators was working at the scene of the first explosion.

MAKHACHKALA, March 31 (RIA Novosti)

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Islamic “Peace Conference Scandinavia 2010″~ Video

This is the video advertisement to the Islamic “Peace Conference Scandinavia 2010”. In the video we learn….well we are told that Islam is never wrong, and British traitor Abdul Raheem Green tells us that Allah never does any injustice to his slaves. Hmmm…..has Green actually ever seen how millions upon millions of Muslims live?

In the past Green has called for Muslims to join the jihad, and he clearly supports Islamic Law over the laws of the UK. I will say this over and over. Sharia Law needs to be banned from non-Islamic countries, and any Muslim that calls for it after the law is passed, shall be arrested and deported if possible. All Sharia loving Muslims are to be looked upon as enemies of the state. Just as Nazis were.

Hat tip to Einar.

NY Muslims Travel to White House to Invite Obama to Islam~ Video

The Islamic hate-mongers of, have traveled to the White House, and invited Dictator Obama to Islam. At the 1:25 mark we see RevolutionMuslim spokesman Younus Abdullah Muhammad push away an elderly counter protester. He later states that if Obama were to be judged by international law he would be hanged. The rest of the video is an absolute tirade aimed at Obama.

REVOLUTION MUSLIM is pleased to announce our next effort and we ask all to take time out to participate in this noble cause. We have penned a letter to Mr. Barach Obama, Pharoah of the American Empire calling him to Islam and, or to end the Wars and American aggression across the globe. This is in emulation of our noble and beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws), who sent several letters to the leaders of his time calling them to Islam and warning them in the event they did not accept of impending doom.

We ask all to sign it whether you live in the United States and stay tuned for more information about the endeavor as we use it to spread our platform over the coming months inshallah. You can read the pdf below and then sign the petition by clicking HERE… feel free to email this petition to friends and family, or to print the flier and hand it out in your community, embed it on blogs and websites, forums and make youtube videos about the endeavor we would like to get as many signatures as possible inshallah. Jazakallah Khair and again stay tuned for more with regard to developments of this effort inshallah.

British Convert Calls for Muslims to Join the Jihad~ Video!

In this video we see another British traitor, who is calling for all Muslims to assist the jihad in anyway that they can. Whether it is donating money, fighting, or spreading Islam, it is all part of the worldwide jihad. He also states that Islam calls for Muslims to fight and kill Jews to reach judgement day, and that Americans and Jews are much worse terrorists, than Muslims could ever be. Of course Abdul Raheem Green is not dealing in reality, and this is another example of how Islam destroys societies from within.  Below the video, are some comments left by a “peace-loving” Muslim on the YouTube page.

i wont reply again talking to a jew is losing time. We muslims dont care that you idiots or the whole world doesnt like us, in the Noble quran nowhere it says non-muslims will love us. They will never cease fighting and hating us.

You may keep your insults and satanic man made systems to yourself, we dont need anything. Non-muslims need islam to free them from Tyranny of men lords.
Jews however are the most hatefull towards islam, and only very few will accept islam

You jews might watch and calculate all your steps with your terror from death and calculate all your evil acts, but the promise of your Lord is sure to come and all jews will burn in eternity in hellfire and the muslims will laugh at them the day of jugement.
So choose what you want the goods of this short life or the eternal paradise.

Putin Calls for Bombers to be ‘scraped from sewers’

I know that Putin is no true friend of America, but I do respect him for one thing. He does not play games with his enemies. If this attack had occurred in America, our so called leaders would of been covering for Islam, not Putin.

Putin calls for bombers to be ‘scraped from sewers’

MOSCOW, March 30 (Reuters) – Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said it was a matter of honour for Russian law enforcement to “scrape from the sewers” those responsible for twin suicide bombings that killed 39 in Moscow.

(Reporting by Darya Korsunskaya; Writing by Conor Humphries; Editing by Steve Gutterman;)

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India: 110 Arrested in Muslim vs. Hindu Clash

On February 1st, I had posted an article entitled “India Kashmir: Muslims Enraged, 20 Hurt”. Now it is not even April, and they are at it again. These constant uprisings are the reason that India is going to weaponize the world’s hottest chili. Of course when they use it on unruly Muslims, they will play the victim card.

India IT Hub Hyderabad Hit By New Religious Clashes
March 30, 2010

HYDERABAD, India (Reuters) – Riot police fired rubber bullets and used teargas to disperse clashes between Hindus and Muslims that injured dozens in the Indian IT hub of Hyderabad Tuesday, police said.

Two people have been killed and 110 people arrested in connection with the violence, which started Saturday when a Hindu group replaced Muslim flags with Hindu ones on the streets during a festival.

The city, home to companies such as Microsoft, Google and Mahindra Satyam, has already been hit by months of sporadic unrest over the proposed creation of a separate Indian state, carved out of Andhra Pradesh.

Police have extended a curfew to more parts of Hyderabad and have been ordered to shoot at troublemakers in curfew-bound areas. But areas which host big tech companies remain unaffected.

“Anybody creating trouble during the curfew will be dealt with firmly,” A.K. Khan, the city’s police commissioner, told reporters.

Violence flared Tuesday during religious processions. A Reuters witness saw dozens of Muslims pelting stones at Hindu youths and setting fire to vehicles.

Protesters on both sides targeted residential areas and religious sites, throwing stones and causing damage inside to temples and mosques, the witness said.

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