Supreme Court Refuses Muslim’s Case About Possible Juror Bias

Finally a Muslim that is looking to use our system against us loses one. He tried to play the Islam victim card, and was beaten by a higher hand. In this trial he was charged with unlawful sexual contact. Being that Islam is a religion that allows rape, he probably thought that he was doing no wrong.

Supreme Court refuses Muslim’s case about possible juror bias

A Muslim defendant sentenced to 28 years says his lawyer should have been allowed to question a juror who, during jury selection, spoke of possible bias against Muslims. The US Supreme Court refused Monday to hear the case.

By Warren Richey, Staff writer / April 5, 2010

The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to take the case of a Muslim defendant in Colorado whose lawyer was barred from questioning a prospective juror who, during jury selection, expressed concern that he might be biased against Muslims.

The trial judge refused to allow the defense lawyer to closely question the prospective juror about his possible anti-Muslim prejudice. The judge also refused a request that the individual be excluded from the jury.

Instead, the man became one of 12 jurors who heard evidence in a trial infused with anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim themes and comments, according to court documents.

The defendant, Homaidan Al-Turki, was convicted of having unlawful sexual contact with a live-in housekeeper, of failing to pay her for all her work, and for keeping her in slave-like conditions. He was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

The Supreme Court decision not to hear the case leaves Mr. Turki’s conviction in place.

An impartial jury?
Turki’s lawyers had appealed to the Supreme Court, arguing that the trial judge’s actions violated their client’s constitutional right to an impartial jury.

In their petition to the high court, they said judges must allow trial lawyers to closely question prospective jurors whenever there is a “significant likelihood” that racial or some other invidious prejudice might influence the juror’s deliberations.

Lawyers with the Colorado attorney general’s office had urged the high court to reject the appeal. They argued that the juror in question did not express actual bias, but only raised a hypothetical concern.

The Colorado brief suggests that the juror may have been attempting to get himself thrown off the jury because he had an upcoming important business trip.

At issue in the trial was whether Turki engaged in routine sexual abuse of his housekeeper and treated her like a slave. Prosecutors say Turki paid her $1,500 for her entire stay in the US. They calculated that under the minimum wage she should have been paid more than $96,000 for the last three years of work.

Turki is a national of Saudi Arabia who moved to the US in 1995 with his wife and children and the housekeeper. He was a PhD candidate in linguistics at the University of Colorado and ran an Islamic bookshop.

At some point in 2001 or 2002, federal agents began to monitor his activities, according to court documents. Despite the ongoing surveillance, he was not charged with a crime.

Focus shifts to the housekeeper
Then in 2004, the government discovered that Turki had a live-in housekeeper from Indonesia and that her work visa had expired. The housekeeper, also a Muslim, was jailed and interrogated about Turki’s activities. She was threatened with deportation.

According to Turki’s lawyers, the housekeeper repeatedly denied suggestions by the agents that her employer had committed crimes. Then, after nearly five months, she alleged that she had been sexually abused by Turki and that he had refused to pay her for work.

The next day, she signed an application for a new US work visa, according to Turki’s lawyers. The government granted the application, allowing her to continue to live and work in the US.

The case was turned over to state prosecutors, who charged Turki with aggravated sexual assault, kidnapping, extortion, and false imprisonment.

Turki’s lawyers say state prosecutors sought to use fear of Muslims and post-9/11 anti-Islamic prejudice among the jurors to help win a conviction.

One prosecution witness was portrayed as an expert in Islamic culture and women’s issues. The witness offered a harsh critique of the treatment of women in Muslim countries and informed the jury that her opinion was derived in part from familiarity with the family of Osama bin Laden, the Al Qaeda terrorist leader.

In his closing argument, the prosecutor referred to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, noting that the live-in housekeeper was so isolated in the Turki home that she was unaware of the 9/11 attacks until much later after they took place.

Defense lawyers argued that the housekeeper lied about the sexual assaults after months of prodding by federal agents. In return for her testimony against her former employer, she received a work visa.

The jury acquitted Turki of kidnapping and sexual assault. He was convicted of false imprisonment, extortion, and the lesser offense of unlawful sexual contact.

A friend of the court brief filed on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia argued that Colorado prosecutors “conspicuously [played] to the jury’s anti-Arab/anti-Muslim bias throughout the trial.” It added that the state’s case was organized around a theme to incite bias, emphasizing cultural differences.

To our backstabbing Saudi “allies”, that is right, our cultural differences should be pointed out. While my government is afraid of you, millions of Americans are not. The fight has just begun!

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Homeland Security: Islam is a Religion of Peace and Tolerance~ Video

John Brennan, Assistant to the President For Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, gives a speech at NYU. Of course the speech is full of ignorance, as he speaks about the tolerance that Islam represents, and the frequent “misconceptions” of Islam. I have seen many cases of Muslim Appeasement Delusional Disorder (MADD), but this by far is the worst one yet.

Guys, this is one of the most disturbing videos that I have ever seen. If you do not have the time to watch the entire video, please watch the first 10 minutes, and you will see how Muslims have infiltrated important positions in our country. If anyone makes it past the 10 minute mark of this pathetic speech, drinks are on me!

Mr. Brennan, in your speech you use the word “ignorance”, over and over. Anytime that you want to have a debate on Islam, I will gladly, and easily expose your ignorance.

Anti-Islam Church Needs our Help!

Our friends at Dove World Outreach Center who are leaders in the war with Islam, need our help. Because of their views, the bank is giving them a very hard time on a mortgage loan.

From Pastor Wayne Sapp,

Because we speak the truth about Islam, RBC Bank has suddenly called in the mortgage on our property. They have given us 60 days to repay $140,000 and we are
asking for your help to supply this need by April 10, 2010. Please make checks payable to Dove World Outreach Center or use our Paypal donation link on the main page of our website here.

Dove has clearly stuck their neck out in this fight, as they have taken on Islam supporting leftists, and the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Here is just some of their work.

The Real Islam~ Video by Pastor Terry Jones can be viewed by clicking here.

“Islamic Civil War~What’s Coming our way”, is an article about Dr. Jones’ recent trip to the UK. It can be viewed by clicking here.

Finally, Dove really drew attention to the issue when they lit up the night, with their anti-Islam message!

Dove has been there for us in this fight, and now they can use our help in return. Please make a generous contribution via Paypal on their site. Which can be found here.

Thanks everyone!

Detroit: If Need be Schools can be Changed to Accommodate Islam

It is bad enough that the dropout rate in Detroit is almost 3X the national average, but the schools are also willing to accommodate Islam. With the high dropout rate, I wonder if Muslim kids are learning anything but Islam.? This will result in Islamic ruled ghettos, as we see in the Sweden, the Netherlands, and the UK, etc. In regards to Islam, we are heading down the same road as Europe. It is time to stop catering to Islam, and end all Muslim immigration. If not it is just a matter of time until they takeover.

DPS leader wants more Arab American students
By Nick Meyer

DETROIT – Detroit Public Schools’ Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb met with The Arab American News Publisher and spokesman of the Congress of Arab American Organizations (CAAO) Osama Siblani on Tuesday, March 30 at the Fisher Building in Detroit to discuss plans to attract more Arab American children to Detroit schools.

The district has seen a sharp decline in enrollment in recent years as nearly 100,000 students have left since 1997 according to Crain’s Detroit Business, but Bobb recently announced a $540 million plan using federal money to make a series of sweeping changes and improvements.

Bobb made his intentions clear early on in the meeting, which was organized and attended by Arab American DPS employee Dr. Therese Smith.

“Our outreach to your community is that we want more of your kids, that’s the bottom line, I can’t say it any more eloquently than that,” Bobb said.

In order to get more kids to come, Siblani said that parents’ concerns over security and drugs must be addressed by DPS.

Bobb said that DPS has allocated $41 million in security for the coming months.

“We want to change the whole public safety department top to bottom and bring in more seasoned veterans who understand Detroit communities,” he said.

Bobb said plans are in the works to invest in a new headquarters for public safety, put more security technology in schools, and to begin conflict resolution programs to help students learn ways to settle disagreements in a peaceful way.

In addition to attracting more students to DPS, Bobb laid out his academic goals for the district.

Currently, DPS students graduate at a rate of 58%, but Bobb has set a standard of 98%by 2015, which is 9 points higher than the national average of 89%.

The dropout rate is 27%, much higher than the national average of 9%, and the goal for 2015 is 3%.

The ACT score average for DPS is 15 with the national average at 19, but Bobb wants to see the score come up to 21 by 2015 as well.

Bob used a sports analogy to further explain his lofty academic goals.

“No one who qualifies to go to the Olympics goes without the desire to win a gold medal, not even the Jamaican bobsled team from a few years ago,” he said.

“We want to invest in 21st century teaching and learning and be supportive of teachers to give them the tools they need to succeed.”

Bobb also expressed interest in learning the cultural traditions and values of the Arab American community. Siblani extended an official invitation to Bobb to join CAAO at a meeting and/or dinner sometime in the next month in order to meet with Arab American leaders, parents, and students.

Bobb said his time in Santa Ana, California’s school system in a dynamic community of Hispanic, Hmong, Vietnamese and Samoan immigrants was one of the most personally enriching experiences of his distinguished career, and he looks forward to learning about the various cultural aspects of the Arab American and Muslim communities so that DPS can better serve them. Currently, a sizeable and growing population of Arab and Muslim students live within Detroit’s borders.

Siblani said that educating local Detroit communities, teachers, administrators, and others about Arab and Muslim culture is of the utmost importance. He suggested that Bobb hire a knowledgeable adviser on the subject to his staff, which currently does not include any Arab Americans. Bobb was receptive to exploring that idea in the future.

He said that Cleveland School in Detroit, which is now Detroit International Academy, made changes to accommodate Muslim students from diet and dress code perspectives and also had prayer rooms as well, which is a model that can be applied to future schools if need be.

“I want to do my best to learn about the culture so that I’m not trying to be respectful and end up being disrespectful,” he said.

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NY: Islamic Hate-Monger vs. Muslim who Claims Islam Means Peace Debate~ Video

This is part II of this weekends Islamic tirade, by the members of Once again their spokesman Younus Muhammad attacks the White House, and calls for Allah to send down destruction on to it. What is interesting in this video is that Younus and a Muslim who claims that Islam is peaceful, have a debate. Guess who wins? I will give you are clue, Islam is a religion of war.