Defiant Ahmadinejad Orders Uranium Enriched to 20pct

The nuclear ambitious Mullahs of Iran continue to thumb their noses at the West, and move forward towards creating a nuclear arsenal. The Mullahs of Iran may or may not be considered crazy, but they are deadly serious. Here is a clue, they slaughter their own people. Do you really believe that they want to be friends with us?

Defiant Ahmadinejad orders uranium enriched to 20pct
By Hiedeh Farmani

TEHRAN — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered Iran’s atomic chief on Sunday to enrich uranium to 20 percent, in a fresh challenge to world powers days after appearing to accept a Western proposal for the supply of nuclear fuel to a Tehran reactor.

Ahmadinejad blamed the world powers for the stalemate over a UN-drafted nuclear fuel deal, but left the door open for possible negotiation over the proposal.

He also insisted that world powers “unconditionally” accept exchanging Iran’s low-enriched uranium (LEU) for high purity 20 percent enriched uranium required as nuclear fuel for the Tehran reactor which makes medical isotopes.

“I had said let us give them (world powers) two to three months and if they don’t agree, we would start ourselves,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech at an exhibition on laser technology which was broadcast live on state television.

“Now Dr (Ali Akbar) Salehi, start to make the 20 percent with the centrifuges,” the hardliner told the atomic chief, who was sitting in the audience.

Ahmadinejad’s latest statement comes after he indicated in an interview on state television on Tuesday that Iran was ready to send its LEU abroad for converting into 20 percent nuclear fuel.

Iran and world powers are locked in a stalemate over the UN-drafted deal, which envisages the Islamic republic’s 3.5 percent LEU being sent to Russia and France for enrichment to 20 percent and then returned as fuel for the Tehran reactor.

Iranian officials have opposed this proposal, saying they would prefer a simultaneous exchange on Iranian soil, a plan rejected by world powers.

World powers are keen to ship out Iran’s LEU as they fear Tehran will enrich it to very high levels for use in an atomic weapons programme. Iran insists its nuclear enrichment drive is purely for peaceful purposes.

Ahmadinejad said Sunday that if the world powers “come forward and say ‘we will exchange (uranium) unconditionally and cooperate on your reactors and medicine’… fine then we will cooperate” too.

“Recently we said let’s swap (uranium) though we can produce the 20 percent, but they started playing games,” he said.

“They have just sent messages though that they want to fix things. The road to engagement is open. We did not block it.”

The near daily shifts in the Iranian position over the fuel deal has consistently raised skepticism among world powers, who want to halt Tehran’s galloping nuclear drive.

“I don’t have the sense we are close to an agreement,” US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said in Ankara on Saturday, a day after Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the nuclear fuel deal was close to being finalised.

“If Iran has decided to accept the proposal of the P5-plus-one, they should do that to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency),” he told reporters, referring to the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany.

But IAEA director general Yukiya Amano, who met with Mottaki on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, said the Iranians brought nothing new to the talks.

“We had a very interesting discussion…. There was not a new proposal,” Amano told reporters.

Iran has “done nothing to reassure the international community,” Gates said, adding that “various nations need to think about whether it’s time for a different tack,” indicating the need for a fourth round of sanctions against the Islamic republic.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, whose country along with fellow Security Council member China is seen as less keen on further sanctions, urged Iran to work through the UN watchdog.

“What we want from Iran is to verify very specific questions, raised time and again by the IAEA a long time ago, it is not a difficult thing to do,” he said in Munich.

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Norway: 1000 Muslim Cabbies Strike Over Mohammad Cartoons

This time the protest was peaceful, but once again we see how fast Muslims rally together for their cause. We need to do the same thing and rally our people against Islam before they take over the West, just like they did the Middle East.

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace.

Oslo taxi drivers protesting against the drawing of the Muhammad cartoons

A thousand taxi drivers of Muslim background interrupted their work late Friday, early Saturday moring in protest of the Oslo-Prophet Muhammad cartoons.

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, released on Wednesday one of the illustrations on its front page.

Spontaneous demonstration was launched on Friday evening, and urged the busy men behind the wheel to park their cars during the period of two and four o’clock. According to police, the protest went peacefully.

Dagbladet used the drawings to a story, according to which the security police PST’s website has a link to the infamous cartoon images that have given rise to such bad blood. In the drivers’ view, the publication of the picture, was once again unnecessary.

We wanted to show our opposition to it that makes a mockery of our values, “said the driver Munir Rashad.

Which “values” whould that be? Do you mean like encouraging people to lie, or how about teaching children to join the jihad? Those “values” are not wanted in the West.

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Obama to Give $40 Million to Hamas run Organization

The laundry list of Obama supporting the enemy is getting longer and longer. Three other recent articles that show us examples of this are “US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding”, “Obama Welcomes Islamic Terrorist Into America”, and “Obama/Gates: We Recognize the Taliban”. Don’t blame me, I did not vote for him.

United States to Donate $40 Million to UNRWA

( The United States announced on Thursday that it will donate $40 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Arabs in the Palestinian Authority-assigned areas, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria who fled when Israel was established in 1948. About a quarter of the package is supposed to be designated for food and the creation of jobs. The rest is for maintaining basic services provided by the agency.

The American funding comes despite a report commissioned by the European parliament, which showed that Hamas terrorists have been chosen by the agency’s labor union to oversee its Gaza facilities, which was part of a Canadian decision last month to stop its UNRWA funding.

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NYC: Jew hater, Lady al Qaeda: Guilty of Attempted Murder!~ Video

Dr Aafia Siddiqui aka lady al Qaeda, who requested that no Jews be on her jury, has been found guilty of attempted murder. The NYC leftists and Muslims who turned out in support for her, must be an emotional wreck today. What a shame.

What I found most interesting about this video, is that the Pakistani government put up $2 million dollars for her defense. So first of all we need to realize that they are no ally of ours. Secondly, if they can spend that kind of money on her, why are we giving them any aid? Not only should we be ending Muslim immigration, we should also be ending US aid to Islamic countries. Since Islam is so great, let them fend for themselves.

US Intelligence Chief to Americans That Join the Enemy, we Will Kill you

Intelligence chief acknowledges U.S. may target Americans involved in terrorism
By Ellen Nakashima
Washington Post
Thursday, February 4, 2010

Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair acknowledged Wednesday that government agencies may kill U.S. citizens abroad who are involved in terrorist activities if they are “taking action that threatens Americans.”

Blair told members of the House intelligence committee that he was speaking publicly about the issue to reassure Americans that intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense “follow a set of defined policy and legal procedures that are very carefully observed” in the use of lethal force against U.S. citizens.

Blair’s unusually frank remarks come as the issue of targeting Americans for lethal action has attracted more notice. As the United States steps up its campaign against suspected terrorists overseas, it has become more apparent that some extremists may be U.S. citizens.

The most prominent case to date is that of a U.S.-born cleric, Anwar al-Aulaqi, who lives in Yemen and has been linked to the Army major who allegedly shot and killed 13people at Fort Hood, Tex., in November, and to the Nigerian accused of attempting to bomb a Northwest Airlines plane on Christmas Day.

Aulaqi is a member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, an affiliate of the main al-Qaeda organization, and has been linked to the Fort Hood shooter as well as the Nigerian. He was thought to be meeting with regional al-Qaeda leaders at a compound in Yemen targeted by a Dec. 24 strike. He was not said to be the focus of the strike, and he was not killed. But U.S. officials said at the time that they thought he might have been killed.

“I just don’t want Americans who are watching this to think that we are careless about endangering — in fact, we’re not careless about endangering American lives as we try to carry out the policies to protect most of the country,” Blair said at the annual threat briefing before the panel. He did not specifically refer to the targeting of Aulaqi.

In response to questions from Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the panel’s ranking Republican, Blair said: “We take direct action against terrorists in the intelligence community. If that direct action, we think that direct action will involve killing an American, we get specific permission to do that.”

Hoekstra pressed for clarification of the policy, especially its threshold for targeting Americans for lethal action.

“The concern that I have today is that I’m not sure that . . . [it is] very well understood as to what you and the people in your organization can do when it comes to Americans who have joined the enemy,” Hoekstra told Blair.

The director of national intelligence said the factors that “primarily” weigh on the decision to target an American include “whether that American is involved in a group that is trying to attack us, whether that American is a threat to other Americans.”

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Vijay Kumar: Running for Congress on an Anti-Sharia Platform

For over a year I have been forced to bring plenty of bad news to readers of my site. Recently though things have been turning in our favor, and here is some more good news. This part of the job, I truly enjoy!

Those of us that follow the threat of Islam closely know that Muslims are hellbent on imposing Sharia Law on us. Here is a brave politician who has left the Left, and is running on anti-Sharia platform for the 5th District Congressional seat of Tennessee. We definitely need more like him.

Hat tip to Civilus Defendus

An Appeal

Dear Friends,

I want to be your voice in Washington. I want to go there to represent you–your interests, your concerns, your issues–and to make sure that Congress hears you! I am doing this entirely on my own, as a real grass-roots effort, without the support of special interests. I am doing it because I care.

As I’m sure you know, political campaigns in this day and age need a lot of money to succeed, and that is why I am making this appeal to you to ask for your help to get me to Washington. In 2008, I was the first politician in the United States to run on an anti-Sharia platform.

I financed it from my own pocket, on a shoestring budget, and was blessed with almost one third of your votes in the republican primary.

To the best of my knowledge, I am the only politician in the United States with a plan to win our current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq within five years, for less than a billion dollars, and without the further loss of American lives. I am convinced it can be done.

I have clear ideas for creating jobs, and it starts with the Fair Tax. Eradicating the oppressive income tax and replacing it with a simple national sales tax will create millions of jobs in Tennessee and across this great land.

I am advocating a reform of our Immigration Laws. There must be a fundamental change in how we accept new immigrants in this country, and we must stop the damage done to our nation with illegal immigration.

I am strong believer in the sanctity of the family. I believe in adoption, not in abortion, and my wife and I have adopted two wonderful children because of that strong belief.

If these issues are as important to you as they are to me, I need your help to be your voice–not the voice of special interests–in Congress. Please contribute whatever money you can, when you can, to help me get the message out to the public, to win this election, and to carry your message to Washington.

Vijay Kumar

We must oppose Sharia (Islamic) Law in the United States

Sharia (Islamic) Law is slowly permeating America. We are focused on the global “War on Terror” and are ignoring a more dangerous threat developing right within our country.

Muslims are beginning to insist that they do not have to follow our laws and customs. Some of their activists are making demands requiring that Muslims’ religious rights be put above our Constitution. The United States Constitution is based on principles, such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion, that conflict fundamentally with Islamic principles, which stifle free speech and demand that there be only one religion.

We should roundly condemn and reject Islamic reasoning that our legal system is man-made and corrupt, while Islamic Sharia law is divine law. It is not the place of immigrants to our nation to rewrite our system of laws to suit their tastes.

Sharia covers family, criminal and civil law, education, art, and the media. Demands are made that our schools only teach about Islam in the way that Muslims determine it should be taught. Demands are made that schools set aside special times for Muslim women to use the gym. Students in higher education settings are demanding foot washing and prayer-room facilities. Women refuse to uncover their faces for legal identification (as required for drivers licenses), and cab drivers refuse to carry passengers with alcohol. Banks are setting up Sharia finance for Muslims. All of this, when Christianity in this country is under siege by radical proponents of “separation of church and state.” Where is the outrage at these Muslim demands for special religious privilege? There seems to be no limit to the disregard for the American culture that allowed Muslims to settle in our country. How wonderful it would be if Christians enjoyed the same freedoms in Muslim nations as Muslims are taking advantage of in America. But they don’t and never will. Islam teaches that Christians, Jews, Hindus, and people of all other religions are inferiors, “infidels,” who should be subjected to oppression, persecution, and even death unless they convert to Islam.

Sharia law is designed to do just that, and Muslim immigrants are trying to force the United States to allow its use throughout the society and culture. It must be stopped.

All immigrants must abide by the United States Constitution and obey American laws if they wish to remain in this country. Where Sharia laws conflict with United States laws, the laws of the U. S. override those Sharia laws. Any attempts to implement Sharia should be resisted at all levels of government.

I urge all readers to please make a donation to his campaign, or at a minimum please call his office in a show of support. The contact information can be found HERE.