Reviving the Islamic Spirit~ US Convention~ Video

Islamic conferences are popping up across the West,, a top ranked Islamic website is calling for the final jihad, Muslims are preaching for Sharia right on the streets of NY, Muslims are dominating parts of the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, etc. These are just some examples of how Muslims are uniting, and slowly taking over the West. Now the Reviving The Islamic Spirit convention, is coming to Long Beach California at the end of this month.

Iran to US: Be a Friend, if you Want to Survive

With Obama in charge we are a weak country. Everyone except those that voted for him, seems to realize this. As Iran gets closer to obtaining nuclear weapons, they will get even more brazen. Will anyone stop them? I doubt very much that Obama is going to do anything, will Israel? Or will Obama try and stop Israel from protecting themselves? My money is on Israel. Go Bibi!