Anti-Israel Rallies Erupt Across the World~ Video of Attacks on Israeli Military

When N.Korea sunk a S. Korean navy ship earlier this month, the world was silent. But when Israeli military members are attacked, and then defend themselves the world is up in arms over the issue. Why is there so much sympathy for the Islamic world? Some of the reasons are that Muslims are the masters of propaganda, and playing the victim card. Which the West falls for over, and over. The truth is that the hatred of Jews coming from the Islamic world, stems from Islam itself. The Islamic scriptures call for Muslims to fight and kill Jews, to reach judgement day.

Book 041, Number 6985:

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

It has been going on since the days of Mohammad, and obviously continues today. The video below shows us the what really happened, but that will not matter to Jew hating Muslims, and their supporters. Islam is the great divider.

Protests Erupt Across The World after Israeli Massacre

31/05/2010 Tens of thousands of people joined angry rallies across the world Monday after a deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, demanding retaliation and showing support for the Palestinians.

Turkish protesters tried to storm the Israeli consulate and burned Israeli flags after the incident left nine dead, while police used tear gas to break up several demonstrations in European cities.

“Damn Israel!”, “A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, revenge, revenge!” yelled protesters in Istanbul where about 10,000 people converged on the central Taksim square in the afternoon after marching from the consulate.

A similar sized crowd surrounded the building again in the evening, hurling stones, eggs and bottles of water at riot police and trying to force their way through barriers outside.

“I call on the government to expel the Israeli consul… And if necessary, we are ready for war,” Seref Mangal, 40, told AFP.

In the capital Ankara about 1,000 people gathered outside the residence of Israeli ambassador Gabby Levy and shouted “Damn the Zionist murderers!” and “Israel will drown in the blood of the martyrs!”. They threw eggs and plastic bottles into the garden of the residency.

In London more than 1,000 people — some of whom had friends on the ships carrying aid to blockaded Gaza — protested outside the residence of British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Israeli embassy.

Chanting “Free Palestine” and brandishing the Palestinian flag and banners condemning Israeli “war crimes”, activists blocked a major route through the capital.

“We have close friends on the boat on which people were killed and we are here waiting for news,” said Kate Hudson, the chairwoman of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

In Paris about 1,200 people joined a noisy protest near the Israeli embassy, waving Palestinian flags and shouting “Palestine will survive”. Some threw stones at police and tried to break through barriers around the building.

Scuffles broke out when rival protestors waving Israeli flags approached, prompting police to fire tear gas. Officers also fired tear gas at protesters in Strasbourg while there were rallies in cities including Marseille and Lyon.

Greek police used tear gas to force back around 1,500 protesters outside the Israeli embassy in Athens, while another 2,000 people rallied in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

In Lebanon thousands of Palestinian refugees and activists waving Palestinian flags and banners marched in the country’s 12 refugee camps.

“Where is the international community? Where are human rights?” they chanted in the Al-Bass camp in the southern coastal city of Tyre.

In Beirut hundreds called on Israeli embassies in the Arab world to be shut down and for Israeli ambassadors to be expelled.

Several thousand Egyptians, mainly supporters of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood, demonstrated in Cairo and other cities.

More than 2,000 people in Amman protested what Jordan’s Information Minister Nabil Sharif dubbed a “heinous crime” and demanded that Jordan shut down the Jewish state’s embassy and expel the Israeli ambassador.

In Iran’s capital Tehran, dozens of people pelted stones at the UN office chanting: “This savage regime of Israel must be wiped out.” They burnt the Israeli flag and tore up pictures of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In Pakistan politicians, lawmakers and journalists staged a peaceful protest in Islamabad, denouncing the killings and calling on the United Nations and the United States to intervene.

Around 6,000 people rallied in Stockholm and others protested outside the Israeli embassies in Belgium, Copenhagen and The Hague.

In Geneva around 200 people rallied outside the UN’s European headquarters demanding an inquiry into the raid, and hundreds of Bosnians marched through Sarajevo, brandishing Palestinian flags.

Around 2,000 people protested in Morocco while several hundred rallied in the capital of the Saharan nation of Mauritania, where parliament called on the International Criminal Court to intervene.

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US Trying to Deport ‘Son of Hamas’ Who Exposed Terrorism

Our Islamophile government is at it again. They are on a nonstop mission to appease, and strengthen our enemies. Back in January the United States Treasury Department, took all but one Hamas member of off their international list of terrorists. This move allowed the EU to send funds into Gaza, and of course that money will end up in the hands of Hamas. Now they are looking to throw Hamas another bone. Is there a more Islamic appeasing, non-Islamic government than ours? I don’t think so.

US Trying to Deport ‘Son of Hamas’ Who Exposed Terrorism
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

The “Son of Hamas,” whose recent book reveals his path to Christianity and exposes Hamas terrorism and his role as a secret agent for Israel, says that U.S. Homeland Security wants to deport him on charges that he is a terrorist.

Writing on his publisher’s blog, Mosab Hassan Yousef expressed his “outrage” and described what he called a “security system that is so primitive and naive that it endangers the lives of countless Americans.” Yousef wrote that he faces a deportation hearing on June 30 at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration Court in San Diego.

He questioned why he is being deported. “For what? For risking my life fighting terrorism in the Middle East for 10 years? For saving the lives of Israelis, Palestinians and Americans?”

His saga began in January, 2007 when he arrived at an American airport on a tourist visa without interference. “Seven months later, I went to the Homeland Security office, knocked on their door and told them, ‘Hey, guys, I am the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, my father is involved in a terrorist organization, and I would like political asylum in your country.'”

“They were shocked,” Yousef wrote on the blog. “I came to you and told you who I am to wake you up. I wanted them to see that they have huge gaps in their security and their understanding of terrorism and make changes before it’s too late.’

His application for asylum was rejected last February “because there were reasonable grounds for believing he was a danger to the security of the United States and [was] engaged in terrorist activity.”

In a hearing, he presented a draft of his book “Son of Hamas” as evidence in his behalf. Homeland Security senior attorney Kerri Calcador claimed that, “In the book, the respondent discusses his extensive involvement with Hamas in great detail. For example, in one portion of the book, a member of Shin Bet shows the respondent a list of suspects implicated in a March 2001 suicide bombing and asks the respondent whether he knows the individuals. The respondent indicates that he does know five of the people on the list and states that he previously drove them to safe houses.”

Yousef countered that he was working as a secret agent for the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) at the time. “No one — not me, not my father, not even Israel — knew at the time that these men were involved with suicide bombings,” Yousef argued. “I was the one who connected these men with the bombing at the Hebrew University cafeteria in July 2002. And Homeland Security would do well to remember that there were five American citizens among the dead. Apparently the agency needs also to be reminded that I was the one who located the terrorists and led to their arrest or death.”

He also claims that he posed as a terrorist while working for Israel. “Yes, I carried a gun,” he wrote. “Yes, I was in terrorist meetings with Yasser Arafat, my father and other Hamas leaders. It was part of my job. And I passed on to the Shin Bet all the information I gathered during those meetings and saved the lives of many people—including many Americans.

“Homeland Security has absolutely no idea of the dangers that lie ahead. For nearly 30 years, I watched from the inside as Hamas dug its claws deeper and deeper into Israel. They started awkwardly, clumsily, but they got good at it. And al-Qaeda is becoming more like Hamas.

“Al-Qaeda started with huge attacks like September 11. But bin Laden has learned from Hamas’s war against Israel how to bleed its enemy. Al-Qaeda understands how effective the Hamas strategy will be on American soil.”

A former Israeli security agent, identified as “G,” has confirmed Yousef’s account as a secret agent and said that Yousef’s spying saved the lives of many Israelis. (

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German Court Tells Muslim he Cannot Pray in School

While many of our so called “leaders”, are suffering from a severe case of Muslim Appeasement Delusional Disorder (MADD), a court in Germany has decided that a Muslim should not get special treatment. Facts show us that Muslims are changing non-Islamic countries to suit Islam. Common sense tells us that if we continue to cater to them, they will continue to ask for more. It is time that non-Muslims stop worrying about what “offends” Muslims, or their “special needs”. Take a stand for life as we know it, and shoot down Muslim demands. We owe it to our families future generations.

Berlin bars Muslim boy from prayers
Fri, 28 May 2010

A German court has rejected a legal bid by a 16-year-old Muslim student to have the right to conduct prayers at his school, reports say.

The court in Berlin ruled on Thursday against Yunis’ bid to pray, stating that it would upset peace in the school, and abuse students’ rights to the entitlement of a calm and educational environment, Reuters reported.

The maintenance of an academic school environment takes precedence over the student’s right to religious observance, the appeals court said.

“The Islamic prayer ritual has a demonstrative character and serves as social control,” a Berlin Senate official said in favor of the ruling.

“This is a good day for the Berlin school,” school director Brigitte Burchardt said after the verdict.

She said the decision would reduce potential conflict that may arise in the school.

Last year the same pupil had initially been given the right to pray once a day in the same school. This year a higher Berlin court overturned that judgment.

With Germany holding more than four million Muslims, such a ruling imposes a heavy burden on the country’s Islamic prayer conducting community, the Spiegel Online said.

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New Vote: Ground Zero Mega-Mosque Gets Approved 29-1!

In a past article about the Ground Zero mega-Mosque, board chair Julie Menin had made the following statement.

“this will be overturned by the full board” later this month.

Unfortunately she was wrong, and it was approved almost unanimously. The non-violent aspect of jihad, is even more dangerous than potential suicide bombers. Besides this punch in the face to NYC, lets not forget the second Ground Zero Mosque that is also being built. It is called ideological warfare, my friends. We need to pickup the pace on our side.

NYC community board OKs ground zero mosque plans
Associated Press Writer
May 26, 2010

NEW YORK – After hours of contentious public comment, a New York City community board voted late Tuesday to support a plan to build a mosque and cultural center near ground zero.

“It’s a seed of peace,” board member Rob Townley said. “We believe that this is a significant step in the Muslim community to counteract the hate and fanaticism in the minority of the community.”

The vote was 29-to-1 in favor of the plan, with 10 abstentions. The move by the Manhattan Community Board 1, while not necessary for the building’s owners to move forward with the project, is seen as key to obtaining residents’ support.

“Some board members wanted to postpone a vote until the next meeting to gather more information about the project and the organizations sponsoring it. But the motion failed.!”

The meeting was unruly, with project opponents jeering at speakers and yelling comments such as “You’re building over a Christian cemetery!” while holding signs that read, “Show respect for 3000,” referring to those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Many said they were not opposed to a mosque — just not one that’s two blocks from ground zero.

The families of Sept. 11 victims “would be wounded by erecting a mega mosque so close to the place where their loved ones were massacred,” said Viviana Hernandez, a chaplain. “Even though they may have altruistic reasons, the real terrorists will see it as a win on their side.”

Conservative tea party activist Mark Williams has called the proposed center a monument to the terror attacks.

The organizations sponsoring the project said they are trying to establish a vibrant and inclusive-world class facility.

Plans for the Cordoba House include a performing arts center, swimming pool, culinary school, child care facilities and worship space.

It would provide 150 full-time jobs, 500 part-time jobs and an investment of more than $100 million in infrastructure in the city’s financial district, according to Daisy Khan, spokeswoman for the Cordoba House.

Khan’s husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, executive director of the Cordoba Initiative, one of the project’s sponsors, said he understood the pain that people have about 9/11. But he said his community and congregation were among those that died in the attacks.

“We have condemned the terror of 9/11,” he said. “We have worked to ensure that our mosques are not recruiting grounds for terrorists.”

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said in a statement that by supporting the multi-faith community and cultural center, the board “sent a clear message that our city is one that promotes diversity and tolerance.”

Stringer has been the target of disparaging remarks by Williams for supporting the plans and has defended his position and denounced offensive speech directed at him or at Muslims.

He said before the vote that he understood the sensitivities of the families of 9/11 victims.

“I don’t think anybody wants to do anything to disrespect those families. They made the ultimate sacrifice,” he said. “At the same time, we have to balance diversity and look for opportunities to bring different groups together.”

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said there were no security concerns about building a mosque in the area.

The American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Initiative have said that they bought the building in 2009 and planned to break ground later this year. It could take up to three years to build the Cordoba House. A Friday prayer service has been held at the building since September 2009.

Besides the political and social opposition to the project, city officials say the plan also could be hindered by a decades-old proposal to give landmark status to a building that would be replaced by the mosque and center.

City officials say the current building, constructed between 1857 and 1858 in the Italian Renaissance palazzo style, is historically and architecturally significant.

Bruce Wallace, who lost a nephew on 9/11, said the center can change the misperceptions about Islam.

“The moderate Muslim voice has been squashed in America,” he said. “Here is a chance to allow moderate Muslims to teach people that not all Muslims are terrorists.”

Bruce, how was squashed, were they kidnapped at gunpoint? How do you know that the Ground Zero Imam is a “moderate”? Violent Muslims are the least of the problem, the pro-Sharia Muslims like Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (more on him in an upcoming article) are even more dangerous. They use our freedoms against us, to advance Islam. Yet here you are supporting him. Good work.

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Obama Doctrine to Make Clear no war on Islam: Aide

One of the things that our government is supposed to do  is protect us, instead Dictator Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and John Brennan, Assistant to the President For Homeland Security and Counterterrorism are doing just the opposite. They are protecting the ideology of the enemy, and they are the three commanders of our Islamophile government. So in turn we are fighting against our own government,  as well as Islam.

Obama doctrine to make clear no war on Islam: aide
Matt Spetalnick and Adam Entous

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s new national security strategy will make clear the United States is not at war with Islam, a top adviser said on Wednesday as the administration prepared for a formal break with Bush-era doctrine.

The White House on Thursday plans to roll out Obama’s first formal declaration of national security goals, which are expected to deviate sharply from the go-it-alone approach of his predecessor that included justification for pre-emptive war.

Previewing parts of the document, John Brennan, Obama’s leading counterterrorism adviser, said: “We have never been and will never be at war with Islam.”

“The president’s strategy is unequivocal with regard to our posture — the United States of America is at war. We are at war against al Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates,” he said in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

Brennan’s words dovetailed with Obama’s outreach to the Muslim world, where former President George W. Bush alienated many with the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and his use of phrases like “war on terror” and “Islamo-fascism.”

At West Point on Saturday, Obama laid out the broad principles of his coming National Security Strategy, a document required by law of every administration, stressing international engagement over Bush’s “cowboy diplomacy.”

Grappling with a fragile U.S. economy and mounting deficits, Obama also signaled he would place new emphasis on the link between U.S. economic strength and discipline at home and restoring America’s standing in the world.

Obama has been widely credited with improving the tone of U.S. foreign policy but is still struggling with unfinished wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, nuclear standoffs with Iran and North Korea, and sluggish Middle East peace efforts.

Critics say some of his efforts at diplomatic outreach show U.S. weakness.


Brennan said curbing the growing threat of “homegrown” terrorism would be a top priority, along with boosting defenses against lone al Qaeda recruits who hold foreign passports that allow them to enter the United States with little to no screening.

This comes in the aftermath of the failed Christmas Day bombing of a U.S. airliner and the botched Times Square carbomb attempt earlier this month — incidents Brennan called part of a “new phase” of the counterterrorism fight.

Obama’s revised strategy is expected to implicitly repudiate the 2002 “Bush Doctrine” asserting the right to wage pre-emptive war against countries and terrorist groups deemed a threat to the United States, part of a policy Bush called a “distinctly American internationalism.”

What followed was the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq despite the lack of formal U.N. authorization.

But Brennan made clear there would be no let-up in the counterterrorism fight, saying the United States would need a broad campaign that “harnesses every tool of American power, military and civilian, kinetic and diplomatic.”

“We will take the fight to al Qaeda and its extremist affiliates wherever they plot and train — in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and beyond,” he said.

“We will not simply degrade al Qaeda’s capabilities or simply prevent terrorist attacks against our country or citizens, we will not merely respond after the fact, after an attack that has been attempted,” Brennan said.

“Instead the United States will disrupt, dismantle and ensure a lasting defeat of al Qaeda and violent extremist affiliates,” he said.

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