Team Trump Teams up for Islam

Team Trump Cancels a Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT! Booking

When I first reported that President Trump had done a 180 on the issue of Islam, a lot of people did not want to hear it. Refusing to face the evidence. Evidence that started with pre-election Trump stating that “Islam hates us”.

Which is an accurate statement because Islam does incite hatred against the overwhelming majority of America. Koran verse 9:30 is just one example.

Pre-election Trump also spoke about closing some Mosques in America if his team thought necessary. Which of course I am all for.

Unfortunately post-election Donald has pulled a Dr. Trump and Mr. Hyde on us when it comes to Islam. Going from promising the conservative base that he would take on Islam, to actively empowering it.

The first warning sign was when he visited Saudi Arabia. The home of the backstabbing Saudis.

The first real piece of evidence of the rise of Mr. Hyde though was when he actually honored Islam by holding a White House Ramadan dinner.

Since then Team Trump’s fight for Islam has only strengthened. With them opposing the fact that China is one of the few countries that is fighting back against Islamic expansionism. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:

Pompeo: China’s Mistreatment of Muslim Minority Is ‘Stain of the Century’

I am fully aware that the gov’t of China is not made up of angels, but someone has to take the lead and show the world how to stop the Islamification of the world that is taking place.

If that is all not enough Team Trump has chosen Islam over America’s freedom of speech by actually canceling a booking for Brigitte’s Gabriel ACT!’s annual conference.

“This event will absolutely not be taking place at Mar-a-Lago,” Amanda Miller, a spokeswoman for the Trump Organization, said in an emailed statement Sunday.

I do not support a lot of what Brigitte Gabriel does because she sell’s America a bridge to nowhere on this issue, and misleads the public by promoting so called reformers such as Zuhdi Jasser.

I do stand with her over Dr. Hyde’s efforts to empower Islam though. Yes friends, this is all true….

I urge you all to please contact the White House and tell them we want back the Trump that we voted for. The number is 1-202-456-1111 or they can be emailed by clicking here. Because if Islam is not stopped in America, all the good Trump has done will be for nothing.

Thank you.



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